All that you want to know – Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT)
Yogita Loke explains what dividend distribution tax is and takes you through the changes announced in the last Union Budget
by Yogita Loke Jul 10, 2011
All that you want to know about SRO
Recently, the SEBI Chairman UK Sinha encouraged the industry to consider turning AMFI in to a SRO. Jayshree Pyasi explains what a SRO is and addresses some core issues relating to SRO
by jayshree Jul 3, 2011
All that you want to know about Trigger facility
Trigger facility can be an effective tool in financial planning. Yogita Loke explains what Triggers are and how they work
by Yogita Loke Jun 29, 2011
All that you want to know about Value Averaging Investment Plan (VIP)
Yogita Loke explains how your investors can take advantage of VIP
by Yogita Loke Jun 26, 2011
All that you want to know about nomination registration in mutual funds
Yogita Loke answers common queries on nominee registration in MFs
by Yogita Loke Jun 21, 2011
All that you want to know about SIPs
SIPs are considered to be a profitable investment tool in MFs.Yogita Loke tells you how SIPs work, their benefits during market downturns and other advantages
by Yogita Loke Jun 21, 2011
FMPs vs FDs
FMPs are for those willing to take a little risk for a return higher than fixed deposits
Posted on Jan 18, 2011
Capital Gains Indexation
This presentation explains capital gains tax and how cost inflation index impacts tax liability on capital gains
Posted on Jan 18, 2011
Importance of benchmarks in mutual fund investing
iFAST Research Team seeks to explain the benchmarks and how important they are in mutual fund investing
by iFAST Research Team Jan 12, 2011
Power of compounding
Albert Einstein called compounding “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time” that can be applied to everyday life
by Mustafa Jawadwala Jan 3, 2011
NAV myths demystified
High or low NAV should not be a determining factor for taking investment decisions
by Nikhil Kothari Dec 30, 2010
Gilt Funds
Read on to find out how gilt funds work
by Team Cafemutual Nov 29, 2010
Small Caps - The Rising Star
Though small cap funds come with higher risks, they can provide that extra ‘kick’ to your client’s portfolio, says Khozema Dhanerawala
by Khozema Dhanerawala Nov 22, 2010
Investor psychology
Khozema Dhanerawala explains the role of human emotion in influencing investment decisions.
by Khozema Dhanerawala Nov 22, 2010
The FMP Revival
Fixed Maturity Plans are back and attracting substantial interest from HNI clients, finds Khozema Dhanerawala. Find out what has made them regain their popularity.
by Khozema Dhanerawala Nov 17, 2010