Investor psychology
Khozema Dhanerawala explains the role of human emotion in influencing investment decisions.
by Khozema Dhanerawala Nov 22, 2010
The FMP Revival
Fixed Maturity Plans are back and attracting substantial interest from HNI clients, finds Khozema Dhanerawala. Find out what has made them regain their popularity.
by Khozema Dhanerawala Nov 17, 2010
Understanding debt funds
Debt funds come in a wide range of flavors. You can use them as short term parking slots or generate regular income over the long term. Arnav Pandya takes you through the world of debt funds
by Arnav Pandya Nov 9, 2010
Mutual Funds and Taxes - A Primer
Arnav Pandya demystifies taxation laws as applicable to mutual funds. Read on to find out more.
by Arnav Pandya Nov 9, 2010
Sector funds - Do’s and Don’ts
Recommending sector funds is a bit like riding a tiger. You will have your moments of glory. And you will have your share of fright, too. Will those moments of glory ultimately win the day? Nilanjan Dey, Director, Wishlist Capital Advisors explores
by Nilanjan Dey Nov 9, 2010
A primer on feeder funds
Read on to find out all you need to know about feeder funds.
Posted on Nov 7, 2010
Looking beyond past performance
The search for a well-performing fund has to go beyond the evaluation of past performance, says Arnav Pandya.
by Arnav Pandya Nov 2, 2010
Fund analysis made easy
Fund analysis is an important part of investment decision making process. Read on to find out how to evaluate fund performance.
by Khozema Dhanerawala Oct 21, 2010
Exchange Traded Funds Demystified
Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are among investors the world over. The fact that ETF AUM is close to $1.2 trillion in global asset under management is a testimony to their popularity. To find out what ETFs are, read on
by Khozema Dhanerawala Oct 17, 2010
Don’t get physical with gold
Gold ETFs are the smarter alternative to physical gold. Read on to find out why.
by Khozema Dhanerawala Oct 14, 2010
Volatility Measures
If you are confused by the terms and ratios used to describe the underlying volatility of mutual funds, stocks or bonds, help is at hand. Read on to master these measures and learn how to interpret them for your clients
by Khozema Dhanerawala Oct 10, 2010
What’s a Quant fund?
To get clued on to the world of Quant funds, read on.
by Team Cafemutual Oct 6, 2010