Business Development 'We will add a human touch to Robo advisory'

'We will add a human touch to Robo advisory'

Amit Bivalkar of Sapient, Lovaii Navlakhi of International Money Matters and Rakesh Rathod of Finapple Ideas share their plans and strategies for 2016.
Banali Banerjee Dec 30, 2015

Amit Bivalkar, Director, Sapient

  • To make a networking group of clients: We have decided to create a networking group of clients according to their profession. After logging on to our website, clients can go to a group dedicated to them and can discuss any issues even if they are not pertaining to financial planning. This will help us understand their needs and goals in a better way.
  • Product diversification: We are moving into pure advisory model and will start offering Portfolio Management Services (PMS) from 2016.
  • Online transaction platform: In the next three months, we are going to launch an online transaction platform for our clients. We want to be a one-stop solution for all financial needs of our clients.
  • Providing ‘e-locker’ facility: We will be providing ‘e-locker facility to our clients to keep their documents safe. Every new document required for any investment purpose will be scanned and kept in this ‘e-locker’. This will ensure that clients do not worry about losing their documents and can trace it whenever required.
  • Mobile App: We have started a mobile app, ‘Sapient Wealth’ which can be used by our clients for any investment purpose. It is available on Android and will be launching on iOS platform very soon. We believe this will be a great value add for our clients.
  • Creating a Robo-advisory platform: We have modified our website and created a Robo-advisory platform where investors can do their risk profiling. After the risk profile is ascertained, a product basket will be available for them to choose and invest. We believe that creating online presence will help us retain our existing clients and get new leads.

Lovaii Navlakhi, Founder & CEO, International Money Matters

  • Deeper client engagement: We aim to have a deeper understanding of our client’s goals which extends beyond money.
  • Deeper team engagement: We will facilitate frequent interactions across team members and departments to increase productivity. Also, we want to understand goals and aspirations of each team member to ensure that we offer them the right opportunities.
  • Training & Development: We want to ensure that my team and I find new things to learn. Our learnings will be shared with all the team members.
  • Clear brand strategy: We want to make sure that more individuals become aware of our offerings. For this, we will rework our branding strategy.
  • Protecting our clients, sometimes even from themselves: We don’t want to hesitate in asking clients to avoid certain investment decisions, even if they seem more difficult to explain but are in their interest.

Rakesh Rathod, Founder, Finapple Ideas

  • Getting digitally big: So far, we have received most of our leads online. However, we have been able to convert them only after having face-to-face conversations. This took us a long time to close deals. Now, we want that our website should be able to engage in such conversations. This will be done by revamping our entire website and making it more intuitive and interactive. We wish to add 2,000 clients and reach 100 cities by March 2017.
  • Provide execution service: We will empower our clients with an app that will help execute our advice on their smart phones.
  • Client engagement: We will build a client expectation versus delivery dashboard and set up a client engagement process to ensure that we are able to retain our clients and maintain a renewal ratio of more than 80%.
  • Robo financial planning with human edge: We will add a human touch to Robo advisory. You can get x-ray, blood report, MRI reports, etc. with technology but you can’t replace a doctor’s judgment. It is time we get sensitive towards money in general and humans in particular.


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