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Edelweiss Insights

The great Indian crude oil puzzle
Analysing how crude oil slide affects India's macro math.
by Edelweiss Feature Nov 30, 2018
When it comes to mutual funds, Advice Zaroori Hai
Four reasons why investors need handholding by financial advisors.
by Edelweiss Feature Nov 25, 2018
Are you aware of these mutual fund investment risks?
Five investment risks you need to keep in mind before recommending mutual funds to your clients.
by Team Cafemutual Nov 23, 2018
‘Markets are not short of noise’
Noise on Diwali irritates, it affects your ability to function, and it takes away on focusing on other important things. Noise in markets is about the same.
by Radhika Gupta Nov 16, 2018
A day in the life of an advisor
“When Mondays are more relaxing than Saturdays, you are an advisor”, says Azeem.
by Shreeta Rege Nov 7, 2018
Lessons learnt from the first client
In the first article in the series ‘My first client’, Bharat Bagla and Amit Kukreja share their experiences.
by Dona Sara Jacob Oct 30, 2018
7 key traits an advisor must possess
Find out what sets successful IFAs apart.
by Shreeta Rege Oct 29, 2018
Avoid these five investment mistakes to win!
Help your clients avoid these investing pitfalls.
by Edelweiss Feature Oct 26, 2018
‘In investing, volatility is a feature, not a bug’
A feature is planned, part and parcel, in the design of a product. A bug is a mistake, an error, an oversight that needs fixing.
by Radhika Gupta Oct 22, 2018
Market ke saath saath chalo
Make the smart decision to change your asset allocation depending on market trends.
by Edelweiss Feature Oct 15, 2018
How can you help your clients avoid mental accounting bias?
Mental accounting bias: Tendency to assign money to different money jars based on arbitrary criteria.
by Shreeta Rege Sep 28, 2018
Overcoming confirmation bias
Confirmation bias – favouring information, which is in line with our existing beliefs.
by Team Cafemutual Sep 14, 2018
‘Use corrections as an opportunity because timing matters’
Use the power of tools like SIPs or dynamic asset allocation funds to take advantage of times in market history, for instance, so you can benefit from events rather than be rattled by them.
by Radhika Gupta Sep 11, 2018
Before you SIP, mitigate these RISKs
While SIPs come with a host of benefits, they are not entirely risk-free. Read on to find out how you deal with the risks
by Edelweiss Feature Sep 7, 2018
Here is how you can explain asset allocation to your clients
Evolution from piggy banks to asset allocation.
by Edelweiss Feature Aug 31, 2018