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Edelweiss Insights Edelweiss MF set to launch ‘Advice kyu zaroori hai’ campaign

Edelweiss MF set to launch ‘Advice kyu zaroori hai’ campaign

Edelweiss Mutual Fund has launched a campaign highlighting the need for financial advice.
Shreeta Rege Jul 27, 2018

The recent Policybazaar advertisement starring Akshay Kumar has reignited the discussions around direct plans. SEBI had allowed fund houses to launch direct plans in 2013 to provide do-it-yourself (DIY) investors to save cost. While direct plans are lighter on the pocket, promoting direct plan to be the best way to invest can be misleading.

Against this backdrop, Edelweiss Mutual Fund is set to launch a campaign titled ‘Advice zaroori hai’. The campaign will feature a series of videos highlighting the need for expert financial advice. The first video in the series calls ‘advisors’ financial doctors. The video portrays a typical household scene where the couple is visiting a friend. Typically, the host serves the couple mouth-watering snacks. While the husband is tempted to have a jalebi, the wife subtly stops him from doing so. The premise is that, just as we heed our family’s advice to safeguard our physical health, a financial expert is necessary to take care of our financial health. 

Edelweiss Mutual Fund’s rationale for this campaign was to highlight the need for financial advice. During their interaction with investors, the Edelweiss team observed that many investors did not have the knowledge to select a scheme for investment. Moreover, they were unable to judge whether the investment would suit their portfolio. The team realised that while direct investing is cost effective, it is not for the masses. Only mature investors having long-term investment experience should attempt it. Amateur investors may be better off investing under the guidance of an expert advisor because the cost of wrong investment can be very high, observed the team.

“We need advice in all spheres of life, be it health or wealth. To convey this message, we are conducting a digital co-branding campaign. We have partnered with select 200 advisors across the country who will help us reach the message to their clients,” says Radhika Gupta, CEO, Edelweiss Mutual Fund.

Under this campaign, advisors will explain to their clients the crucial role that expert financial advice plays in building and growing their portfolio.

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Thobbae kuppusamy bhoopalan Ganesh · 2 months ago
Nice initiative and need of the hour
Mahesh shaha · 2 months ago
In the busy schedule proper advice for each and every matter is required.Nice initiative from a fund house. It shows investors that we are not behind collection only,but care for your money also.
Krishnan Iyer · 2 months ago
Keep it up good thought much needed. I know few customers chasing star ratings...and doing SIP..when ratings drop they stop SIP...and switch to better rated funds...I am reminded of school days example back bencher scoring 50? and becoming a CA
VikaS gupta · 2 months ago
The welcome step taken by Edelweiss MF.
Rajendra Swami · 2 months ago
An advisor can help the client to reach their financial goals and track the same. With too much knowledge and misselling techniques in the market, a Good Advisor always makes sense to add value to clients financial health.
Viral Bhatt · 2 months ago
Happy to be part of the same.. Superb initiative.
rAJIB bASAK · 2 months ago
Nice initiative from Edelwiess MF , Should make advisory some sense for all rather than self practitioning.
yogendra Doshi · 2 months ago
Investment is very long journey of life, In this journey we should have company to share our feeling and belief about investment environment and our personal goals planning. Distributor and Ria Advisor are best company for Right guidance and Support for maintaining trust on investments. And also help to continue our investment journey till goal achieved.
Sanjana jatin bhai Patel · 2 months ago
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