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Edelweiss Insights

Avoid these five investment mistakes to win!
Help your clients avoid these investing pitfalls.
by Edelweiss Feature Oct 26, 2018
‘In investing, volatility is a feature, not a bug’
A feature is planned, part and parcel, in the design of a product. A bug is a mistake, an error, an oversight that needs fixing.
by Radhika Gupta Oct 22, 2018
Market ke saath saath chalo
Make the smart decision to change your asset allocation depending on market trends.
by Edelweiss Feature Oct 15, 2018
How can you help your clients avoid mental accounting bias?
Mental accounting bias: Tendency to assign money to different money jars based on arbitrary criteria.
by Shreeta Rege Sep 28, 2018
Overcoming confirmation bias
Confirmation bias – favouring information, which is in line with our existing beliefs.
by Team Cafemutual Sep 14, 2018
‘Use corrections as an opportunity because timing matters’
Use the power of tools like SIPs or dynamic asset allocation funds to take advantage of times in market history, for instance, so you can benefit from events rather than be rattled by them.
by Radhika Gupta Sep 11, 2018
Before you SIP, mitigate these RISKs
While SIPs come with a host of benefits, they are not entirely risk-free. Read on to find out how you deal with the risks
by Edelweiss Feature Sep 7, 2018
Here is how you can explain asset allocation to your clients
Evolution from piggy banks to asset allocation.
by Edelweiss Feature Aug 31, 2018
Here is how you can help your clients overcome loss aversion bias
Loss aversion bias: When fear of loss impairs you from making better financial decisions.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 29, 2018
Indeed, Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, but remember Advice bhi Zaroori Hai!
Good advice is beyond on all price.
by Radhika Gupta Aug 16, 2018
How to help your clients overcome familiarity bias
Familiarity Bias: Confusing familiar with safe
by Shreeta Rege Aug 9, 2018
Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost
Plan your retirement blockbuster picture.
by Edelweiss Feature Aug 5, 2018
Edelweiss MF set to launch ‘Advice kyu zaroori hai’ campaign
Edelweiss Mutual Fund has launched a campaign highlighting the need for financial advice.
by Shreeta Rege Jul 27, 2018
SIP: A tool for your clients' financial needs
How to use SIP to fulfil different financial goals of your clients.
by Shreeta Rege Jul 23, 2018
All good art is a science. And good science is an art
A process driven approach is very powerful for an investor and an advisor.
by Radhika Gupta Jul 17, 2018