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How REITs can benefit AIFs?
REITs offer the benefits of transparency, liquidity and smooth operations.
by Edelweiss Feature Sep 19, 2017
New regulations permitting AIFs to invest in commodities market
Hedge fund managers can invest in commodity derivative markets.
by Edelweiss Feature Sep 8, 2017
Why should your clients look at AIFs now?
AIFs are gaining popularity among HNI investors. In fact, the sector has seen a 117% hike in commitments raised in a year. Read on to find out why your clients too must start looking at AIFs.
by Daya Ragunathan Aug 29, 2017
How to select the right hedge funds for your clients?
Advisors can evaluate the performance of hedge funds through investment style and operational efficiency of an organization.
by Nalin Moniz Aug 28, 2017
How hedge fund managers generate alpha?
Hedge fund manager’s arsenal are flexibility, shorting and the use of leverage.
by Nalin Moniz Aug 21, 2017
Why Indian markets are suitable for hedge funds?
Indian equity markets have three distinguishing characteristics that make them ideally suited for hedge funds.
by Nalin Moniz Aug 16, 2017
Private equity and debt funds receive massive inflows
SEBI’s latest data shows that private equity and debt funds raised commitment of close to Rs.58,000 crore in June 2017 as against Rs.27,500 crore in June 2016, an increase of over 110% or Rs.25000 crore.
by Padmaja Choudhury Aug 3, 2017
SEBI allows online registrations in AIFs
Existing AIFs will have to file their compliance reports online.
by Team Cafemutual Aug 1, 2017
A primer on hedge funds
These funds invest in a variety of assets, employing differentiated and often complex investment strategies.
by Edelweiss Feature Jul 29, 2017
How venture capital and private equity funds boost economic growth
Let us understand how and where alternative investment funds deploy their corpus.
by Edelweiss Feature Jul 25, 2017
Here is the taxation of alternative investment funds
Let us understand how AIFs are taxed in India.
by Edelweiss Feature Jul 24, 2017
All you need to know about Category II AIFs
Alternate investment funds are gaining popularity as investment vehicles. In this tutorial, we tell you more about the Category II of AIFs
by Daya Ragunathan Jul 11, 2017
‘AIFs can help advisors cater to diverse needs of HNIs’
Nalin Moniz - Chief Investment Officer - Alternative Equity of Edelweiss , talks to Cafemutual on why advisors should consider adding AIFs to their offerings and why HNIs’ appetite for AIFs is growing.
by Nishant Patnaik Jul 4, 2017
ABC of alternative investment funds
Let us discover what AIFs are.
by Edelweiss Feature Jul 3, 2017
SEBI relaxes the IPO lock-in provision for private equity players
Experts said that the relaxation of the lock-in provision would help increase flexibility and provide easy exit to PE firms.
by Padmaja Choudhury Jun 22, 2017