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MF News Axis MF launches a digital campaign to promote the ELSS category

Axis MF launches a digital campaign to promote the ELSS category

‘Khushi ke Aasun’ digital campaign to bring out the message on tax saving and wealth creation.
Team Cafemutual Jan 9, 2018

 Axis Mutual Fund has launched a digital campaign ‘Khushi ke Aasun’ to promote ELSS category.

This digital campaign aims to drive home the message that ELSS goes beyond mere tax saving benefit and offers potential for growth and wealth-creation opportunity.

The storyline behind the digital campaign is humorously captured with a scientist performing an experiment along with his assistant. The creative brings alive the concept of wealth creation along with tax saving in an entertaining way.

In a press release, the fund house said, “Given that there are many investor education ads running in the market, it was important not just to stand out, but make an impact on the consumer’s decision of picking a tax saving option that also creates wealth. For many consumers, especially during the tax season, ELSS is one of the options to invest in order to save tax. So the idea was to make ELSS top-of-mind. The other TG (young trader/shopkeeper/Service professional who, due to GST etc) has just come into the tax bracket. The pinch of paying taxes from the ‘khoon-paseene ki kamaai’ for them is very real. The objective was also to tackle that sentiment too. Hence the ‘science experiment’ on an emotional issue.”

Rohan Padhye, Vice President – Marketing Communication & Digital Marketing, Axis MF said “The challenge was to convey the functional attribute of ELSS, in a simple and entertaining way. Jan-Feb-Mar (JFM) quarter is typically the tax season during which consumers hanker around to save tax. We felt it is important to educate them that they should not just think about saving tax, but invest for wealth creation too, through ELSS. ELSS has become all the more relevant today given the low interest rates offered by traditional tax savings options.”

“The message sought in the communication is relevant not just during the tax season, but throughout the year. We will be reaching out to not just the traditional corporate salaried individuals but also the self-employed individuals (trader/shopkeeper/service professionals),” Padhye said.

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