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MF News Your clients can now name their SIPs

Your clients can now name their SIPs

Principal MF introduces Super SIP.
Nishant Patnaik Jan 9, 2018

Now your clients can name their investments. Principal Mutual Fund has introduced a new facility called ‘Super SIP’ through which investors can give a name to their SIPs. This name would appear in their account statement.

For instance, if your client is initiating an SIP for his holiday trip, he may name it as ‘Zindagi naa milegi doobara’ or ‘Roam the world’’.

The fund house has launched this facility at the first Principal Conclave held yesterday in Mumbai.

Speaking about this facility, Gaurav Goyal, National Sales Head, Principal Mutual Fund believes that giving a name to an investment creates emotional attachment. “An investor could start an SIP for his daughter, ‘My angel’s wedding fund: Rs.20 lakh’. If he has invested Rs.1 lakh so far, the account statement will say, ‘You are Rs.19 lakh away to achieve your financial goal of My angel’s wedding. Such a message would discourage investors from redeeming and help them stay put for long term.’’

Another feature of the Super SIP is that your clients can invest in three funds of the fund house with a single application form and cheque.

Here are some of the features of Super SIP:

Once begun, Super SIPs will continue unless the investors choose to stop

Investors can choose any day to initiate SIP. Also, they can choose different dates for all three SIPs

They can top up their investments periodically 

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Dilip Kumar · 9 months ago
Good start for Mutual Fund raising
Vivek · 9 months ago
Nice initiative. In fact I got a call from an investor saying that he wants to name his SIPs.
Sanjay Singh · 9 months ago
Nice initiative , Edelweiss also has Goal Based SIP ,check out https://youtu.be/uXTPJID_pgk
poornima · 9 months ago
with the sebi consultation paper coming can the MFD do all these goal based selling and christening of sip.
susanta choudhury · 9 months ago
well thought and good initiative.
Gajanan · 9 months ago
At last investor can give name to Mutual Fund scheme through SIP , also propagate to others for his or her choice for investment . Thanks to Principal MF for nice and meaningful initiative.
Martin C Mathew · 9 months ago
Good initiative to encourage the clients
Narayanan P S · 9 months ago
Nice initiatives
Niladri Saha · 9 months ago
Good initiative to encourage the clients.
Mukesh Jetani · 8 months ago
Nice initiatives
Anil Kumar · 8 months ago
Nice, This can reduce redemption, I think investment have some motive.
Pravin Anand · 4 months ago
Congretulations! nice features, but it will be more effective if AMC provide monthly physical statement, this will incourage to attache whole family with their goal.Thanks!
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