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Nivesh Jaagran Investment games for the tech savvy

Investment games for the tech savvy

These android-based investment games will help you attract the interest of young investors.
Daya Ragunathan Aug 10, 2017

Today everyone has a smartphone. Everywhere we go we see young kids using various apps with ease. In fact, most kids are playing in their phones even when you visit them. Here are some fun mobile apps that advisors can recommend to their clients. Not only will these apps increase children’s interest in investing. It will also give them a positive learning experience.

We have chosen four of the top android apps, because, most people use android based mobiles. While there are paid apps available on play store, we have chosen only free apps for the purpose of this article. You can click on the name of the app to see their google play page.

AdVenture Capitalist

In this app, the player get to start his journey by squeezing lemons at a lemonade stall. From there you can build your own business and develop your business empire. You can also hire employees or upgrade your business and attract Angel investors to boost your profits.

This game is ideal for children who want to start their own business. You could suggest this game to clients who have kids that are above 9 years. The interactive game interface makes the game extremely addictive.

The Smart Investor

If you want expose children to a realistic investor experience, then this is the app for you. The app lets you invest into various instruments and trade on the stock market. Each player starts with $1 million and can take investment decisions based on charts. This will help children spot trends that will maximize their earnings.

This is a fun app not just for children but also for young investors. This will help them learn basic investment lessons in a fun and entertaining way.


This fun game is suitable for kids of all age groups. It is an uncomplicated game where you start a business and run it in the most creative way possible. The game has an option where you can compete with your friends or the top businesspersons.

The interface is very appealing to the eyes and is sure to be a hit with the kids. The challenge is to manage your business and grow wealth without raising the suspicion of the authorities.

Budget Practice

A game, which aims to teach how to make a normal household budget. Ideal for kids above the age of eight. In this, the players start with a nominal salary. They then have to buy groceries, food, pay rent, buy clothes, etc. Players can also do part-time jobs to earn extra money.

This is best suited to teach kids the value of money. It is simple to play and encourages kids to think twice before they spend.


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