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Nivesh Jaagran Three movies to help you teach your clients children about money

Three movies to help you teach your clients children about money

Wondering how to introduce the concept of money to your clients’ kids? These movies will do the job for you.
Daya Ragunathan Aug 29, 2017

Ask your clients to show their kids these movies to introduce them to the concepts of savings, earning and spending.


This movie is about Carl and Ellie and their dream to visit a place called ‘Paradise falls’. The couple keeps saving money for the trip but falls short because of unexpected expenses. Unfortunately, Carl finally gets to make the trip after Ellie passes away. The movie is filled with a lot of deep lessons, not just about money, but about life in general. However, in terms of the financial learnings, the most evident lesson is all about savings and having an emergency fund.

If the couple had separated the funds for their financial goals and contingencies, they could have gone on the adventure together.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series follows the adventures of a young wizard. The movie teaches two important finance lessons albeit indirectly.

The first is how his parents saved up for him. James and Lily Potter never thought that they would not live to see their child grow up. But despite that, they were able to amass a small fortune that eventually helped pay for the schooling needs of their child.

The second lesson is about money management. When Harry turns 11, he finds that his parents have left a lot of money for him in a wizard bank called Gringotts. Harry could have splurged money on expensive stuff. However, he spends only on his necessities and saves the money for future.

Princess and the frog

This movie is about Tiana, a young hard working girl with a dream to set up a restaurant and her misadventures with Prince Naveen, a spendthrift prince. The movie talks about the importance of savings and working hard.

Tiana’s kindness, hard work and dedication to her dream help her fulfil it in the end. It also changes Prince Naveen’s view of life. This movie is ideal for introducing concepts like savings, spending and investing to children. It also talks about the importance of a strong work ethic.

Hope you enjoyed our run down. Are there any other movies that teach finance to kids? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.


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