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Nivesh Jaagran How to conduct a workshop for your clients’ children

How to conduct a workshop for your clients’ children

Here is a checklist that will help you conduct a workshop for your clients’ children.
Daya Ragunathan Sep 15, 2017

Advisors can increase engagement with clients by organizing a workshop for their children. Since financial literacy is not a part of school or college, your clients will be happy to send their children to such workshops.

These tools will help you make such workshops effective.

  1. Use comics or books to tell story: Advisors can either prepare a small comic book explaining various finance concepts or select a book, which explains these concepts in a simple way. The second step is to encourage children to tell what they have learnt. Then relate these learnings to financial concepts.
  1. Roleplay: Another popular tool for such a workshop is roleplay. Advisors can divide the children into groups and ask them to enact the various financial concepts they have learnt. Dramatization will leave a lasting memory of the concept with the children. Also, roleplaying excites children and helps to catch their complete attention.
  1. Group games: You can divide your audience into various groups and ask them to play games such as monopoly, family budget and payday. These games will help children learn about money and finance in a fun way.
  1. Videos: You can play animated movies or video clips to teach financial concept in a fun way. You can asks questions related to videos to explain to them financial concepts. Also, advisors can give the children a check list and ask them to shout when they point out relevant financial concepts while watching videos.
  1. Work sheet: You can give them simple questions to answer. This will help you evaluate their learnings and takeaways from the session. It will eventually help you plan the next workshop more wisely.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Before the workshop: Be clear on the objective of conducting the workshop. List out the concepts you want to discuss and see which tools are best suited to teach those concepts.
  1. During the workshop: Break the workshop into small sessions, because children have shorter attention span and might lose interest if the session is too long. In each session try to have an activity to engage with kids. Also, it is best to have a few adult volunteers who can help you monitor the kids and help them with their tasks.
  1. After the workshop: Ask parents to have money talk with their children. Also, insist clients to open savings accounts for their children. Take feedback from clients and see if their child found the workshop useful.

Hope these tips helped you, let us know in the comments below.

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