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Nivesh Jaagran Five games you should gift your client’s children

Five games you should gift your client’s children

Here are five board games you can gift your client’s children, the future investors, to shape their financial acumen.
Daya Ragunathan Jul 11, 2017

A new study shows that the coming generations will be more interested in spending rather than investing. If this thought bothers you, here are some fun games, which can kindle the investment habit in children. You can gift these to your client’s children, your future clients, on their birthdays and see the difference in their approach to money first hand.


Monopoly helps children learn about real-estate options, tax liability, and so on, in a fun way. This four-player game consists of 28 properties, community chest, tax, etc. When a player goes on to another’s property, he pays a rent. When he goes to tax space, he pays tax on all his properties.

This game will help children learn simple arithmetic along with how to accumulate wealth despite tax, etc.

The game of LIFE

This game gives its players many options. A player can choose to start a career directly or opt for higher education. The player who chooses higher education gets better career options and higher salary while the player who goes directly into the career path gets a headstart.

The aim of the game is to retire wealthy. It prods children to make different choices based on different life situations. This game gives children hands-on experience in decision-making. Taxes, expenses, income are part of the game.


In this game, each player starts with a fixed salary and passes through different days of the calendar before reaching payday. The game aims to teach children how to manage their cash flow and provide for contingencies so that they have a good amount set aside before the next payday.

This game will not just teach the players the importance of money, but will also help them save for emergencies.

Family Budget

An essential for children of all age groups. In this game all the players get salaries, buy household items, pay bills, make transactions with the bank, get loans, calculate interest, buy, sell, pay rent, go to restaurants, movies, pay insurance, medical bills, get tempting deals everything like in a real family life.

This will help children learn the value of money and learn how to budget and save money.

Day trader/ stock market

This is the best game of all to teach children about the vagaries of the stock market and master them. It will remove the fear associated with day trading and help children realise the various aspects of evaluating a good stock.

The game has sections like volatile markets, retirement, healthcare, financials, etc. to give it a life like flavour. Advisors can gift this to children who are in their teens and help them discover the thrills of the stock market without any of the actual risks.

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