Peer to Peer Lending

Risk mitigation strategies for P2P lending platform
Read on to learn how your clients can mitigate risk in P2P platform
by Kanika Bhargav Jan 8, 2018
How can advisors select P2P lending platform?
Read to know how advisors can assist clients in choosing P2P platform
by Kanika Bhargav Dec 16, 2017
Why this senior investment professional uses P2P lending for wealth creation.
This article will help the financial advisory community better understand P2P lending and how this asset class caters to investors across all profiles.
by Monexo Feature Dec 5, 2017
How to advise your clients to diversify in P2P lending?
Read on to learn how your clients can benefit by diversifying in P2P lending.
by Team Cafemutual Dec 1, 2017
How to advise your clients on P2P lending
Here is how you can popularize P2P lending among your clients.
by Team Cafemutual Nov 16, 2017
Five-step guide to understand P2P lending
Monexo organises regular webinar sessions to educate financial advisors / IFAs about the benefits of P2P lending as an asset class for investors.
by Monexo Feature Nov 1, 2017
Offer P2P lending to provide steady monthly cashflow to clients
Read on to learn about how your clients can benefit by adding P2P lending to their investment portfolio.
by Monexo Feature Oct 10, 2017
RBI regulates Peer to Peer lending in a historic move for sector
RBI has released the regulatory framework for Peer to Peer lending in India - ushering them in as a new class of NBFCs.
by Monexo Feature Oct 6, 2017
Webinar : P2P lending - an emerging asset class for IFAs to explore
If you are looking to increase your product offering beyond mutual funds, here is the webinar for you.
by Team Cafemutual Oct 4, 2017
The nuts and bolts of Peer to Peer lending
Read on to learn about the ABC of Peer to Peer lending. Monexo also hosts weekly webinars to help financial advisors / distributors learn more about this new investment avenue.
by Monexo Feature Sep 20, 2017
Monexo : Bringing 70+ years of experience to make P2P lending work for everyone.
Excerpts of Cafemutual discussion with Mukesh (CEO- Monexo) as we sat down to talk about his professional journey as a banker and his larger vision to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding through Monexo’s digital Peer to Peer lending (P2P lending) platform.
by Monexo Feature Sep 18, 2017