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Peer to Peer Lending Webinar : P2P lending - an emerging asset class for IFAs to explore

Webinar : P2P lending - an emerging asset class for IFAs to explore

If you are looking to increase your product offering beyond mutual funds, here is the webinar for you.
Team Cafemutual Oct 4, 2017

The webinar starts at 4 pm on Friday. To register, fill up the contact form by clicking here.

Why P2P lending?

  • Consumer loans constitute the highest yielding asset class for banks.  P2P lending opens up lending as an asset class for individual retail and HNI investors. 
  • Investors typically prefer debt products for the fixed cashflows / income associated. P2P lending provides regular monthly cashflows with returns which are nearly twice as high as a bank fixed deposit.

How does P2P lending work?

  • P2P lending facilitates investors and borrowers to come together on an online P2P platform. The P2P platform enables lending and borrowing between individuals.
  • Investors earn steady, attractive returns while borrowers get quick, affordable loans.

Why should IFAs attend?

  • An opportunity to learn about a new, exciting product offering for investors in the alternative investments space.
  • Acquire a new product and diversify your clients’ portfolio with a short term, rewarding asset class.

How to attend?

  • If interested in attending the webinar, kindly fill up the google contact form provided above.


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Nirmal · 1 year ago
M S Shabbir · 1 year ago
Yes...I would like to attend the webinar.

Does this activity require a license from SEBI? If so, which type of license does it require?
Amit Dhabalia · 1 year ago
I would too like to attend.how do I register.
Kevin Samuel · 1 year ago
Hi Amit, Shabbir and Nirmal - Thanks for your interest in learning more about Monexo and P2P lending. Please drop in a mail to contact@monexo.co to register for the webinar. You can also register for the same by clicking the link in the top half of this article. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the webinar !
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