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Peer to Peer Lending How to advise your clients to diversify in P2P lending?

How to advise your clients to diversify in P2P lending?

Read on to learn how your clients can benefit by diversifying in P2P lending.
Team Cafemutual Dec 1, 2017

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You are aware of diversification in mutual funds, right. Similarly, you can diversify portfolio in other asset classes such as peer to peer (P2P) lending to reduce risk in portfolio and generate better risk adjusted returns.

Here are some useful tips  on how your clients can diversify portfolio in P2P lending:

  • Invest in as many loans as possible:  Higher the number of loans you invest in, the lesser will be the capital risk due to default. If your client has Rs.1 lakh, lend it to a minimum of 20-25 borrowers to mitigate credit default risk.
  • Lend at different interest rates: It’s prudent to invest in a mix of loans which have different interest rates.. In other words, lending at high interest rates increases the risk profile of lending. Therefore, it is a good idea to ‘blend your lending’ by lending loans across a wide range of interest rates.
  • Invest at different timescale: Your clients can lend money to loans across different tenor. The time period varies from 6 months to 36 months. Ensure that your client invest in different time period comprising both short term and long term terms. So, that your client gets a balance between liquidity and long term cash flow.
  • Invest in diverse range of profiles: You will find wide range of borrower backgrounds in P2P lending platforms such as Monexo. There are women entrepreneurs, salaried people and even small business owners. Ask your clients to invest in a variety of profiles.
  • Invest by automating: Many platforms like Monexo offer auto-lending or auto- diversifying option that diversifies your funds across different borrowers. If your clients have large sums of money to lend, they can choose this option instead of doing it manually. It saves time and makes it easier to manage the account.
  • Always stay invested: Encourage your clients to stay invested by reinvesting the cash flow in fresh loans. This helps in fetching more money to achieve long term financial goals.




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Gulshan · 1 year ago
Why should an ifa refer his client to monexo
Kevin · 1 year ago
Hi Gulshan,
Thanks for your query. Monexo offers your clients a new, rewarding asset class for investment. As a financial advisor, you have the opportunity to enable your clients to earn returns higher than traditional asset classes with steady monthly cashflow by investing through Monexo. And in return, Monexo offers attractive upfront + trail payout for IFA's as well to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your efforts.
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