Business Development Top IFAs reveal their 2017 strategy!

Top IFAs reveal their 2017 strategy!

Vinayak Sapre, Yogita Dand, Srikanth Matrubai and Dilshad Billimoria share their plans and strategies to grow their business in 2017.
Darshita shah Dec 31, 2016

Dilshad Billimoria, Dilzer Consultants

  • An increasing number of people now want to transact online. Thus, we are planning to enable clients to transact through our website.
  • We are planning to expand our product offerings by advising on products such as portfolio management service and alternate investment funds.
  • We are planning to increase our engagement with clients. For instance, our team will ensure that clients are well informed whenever an unexpected event like Brexit, steep correction, demonetization, etc. occur.

Srikanth Matrubai, Sri Kavi Wealth

  • Often, my clients get worried by the short term volatility and negative events which affects their investment goals. So my priority in 2017 is to make my clients realize the importance of staying invested and ignoring the noise.   
  • Going by SEBI’s concept paper on RIA, I feel the writing is on the wall. Thus, I am planning to register with SEBI as RIA in 2017.
  • In order to grow my business, I will actively ask my existing clients to give me referrals.

Vinayak Sapre, VVS Ventures

  • My aim is to transform IFAs into professionals like doctors and lawyers. In 2017, I will try to conduct as many training programs as possible. Through my trainings, IFAs will be able to grow their business through customized and action-oriented solutions based on their vision for their company. Currently, these programs are delivered face-to-face. For reaching out to a larger section of IFAs across the country, I will launch an online training program which will help IFAs watch my videos at their convenience.
  • I will increase my engagement with clients by sending them books related to personal finance on occasions like birthdays, Diwali and New Year. This will not only make them smart investors but will also ensure that they remember me.

Yogita Dand, Asky Financial Services

  • We do not want to be restricted to top cities. Hence, we are planning to conduct awareness programs in cities like Dhule and Jalgoan. We will concentrate on expanding our retail base through these awareness programs.
  • I will start writing articles which will highlight the importance of investing and share them through social media. I will try to connect with readers through storytelling. In fact, I have written an article on the need for having insurance by relating the concept to a Hollywood movie Dr. Strange so that people could easily relate to it.  In this movie, the protagonist who is a super hero is able to fly with the help of his cloak. Hence, I have compared cloak with insurance which is essential so that you can fly in life. 
  • I have launched my website in 2016. I’m planning to make it more robust by providing a lot of features like transaction facilitation, portfolio view, tools, etc.
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