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Difference between regular and direct plan has increased. What would be its impact?
What would be the impact of ban on upfront commission and shift to all trail model on your business?
What impact will the forthcoming state and Lok Sabha elections have on the markets?
Which is the best predictor of the performance of equity funds?
Does the Union Budget make any difference to you?
Given the recent growth in the value of Bitcoins, would you recommend investing in Bitcoins to your clients?
How havethe direct plans in mutual funds impacted your business?
How will scheme consolidation help the industry?
What is your expectation with the forthcoming RBI Monetary Policy on October 6?
What are your expectation from the MF industry in FY 2017-18?
Has Budget 2017 lived upto your expectation?
Which of these 2016 events will have the most impact on Indian capital markets?
Which 2016 policy will have the maximum impact on your practice?
Do you think banning of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 will help fight corruption?
Should fund managers have a skin in the game?