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According to you, SEBI's rule to disclose distributor commission in a/c statement:
According to you, SEBI's proposal to sell MFs through e-commerce platforms:
According to you, the Budget 2016 will:
The proposal to disclose distributor commission in account statements will:
What returns do you expect Indian equities to deliver in calendar year 2016?
How was 2015 for your business?
SEBI appointed Nandan Nilekani committee proposal to allow Aadhar as proof for KYC will be a:
The move to link small saving scheme rates to market will:
What will be the impact of the Bihar election mandate?
In your opinion, SEBI's plan to introduce e-commerce NAV will be a:
Do you agree with the Finance Ministry committee recommendation to reduce the TER of mutual funds?
Is a free look policy practical in mutual funds?
When a fund manager invests his own money in his/her own scheme, what is its impact on the fund's performance, in your opinion?
Are Robo Advisors a threat to traditional financial advisors ?
In your opinion, what is the most likely outcome of the Greek crisis?