Tarraki Corner

Rohtak IFA Vinay Goel initiates 258 SIPs in one day
The average SIP size was Rs. 3,087.
by Shreeta Rege Apr 17, 2019
Four IFAs narrate their stories in Meri Kahani Meri Zubani
At the sixth Cafemutual IFA event (CIFA), Meenakshi Sikchi, Jaykant Dand, Hari Kamat and Vishranth Suresh share their success mantras, business style and much more.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 12, 2019
How this Gwalior IFA created 102 SIPs in a single day
The average SIP size was Rs.2098.
by Shreeta Rege Mar 18, 2019
Dohanomics now in Marathi
The book shares 40 investment mantras derived from Sant Kabir and Sant Rahim’s legendary couplets (dohas).
by Shreeta Rege Feb 6, 2019
700 clients and Rs. 700 crore in six years
Mumbai IFA Ranjan Panigrahi is a textile engineer who became a financial advisor in 2013.
by Shreeta Rege Feb 4, 2019
MF gurus go regional; publish books in their mother tongue
Vinayak Sapre and Amit Trivedi have translated their books in regional languages.
by Shreeta Rege Jan 27, 2019
IFA Devdatta Dhanokar gives investing lessons in Marathi
In his book ‘Mutual Fund Guntavnuk Gurumantra’, Devdatta Dhanokar sets out the rules of successfully mutual fund investing.
by Shreeta Rege Jan 23, 2019
Ahmedabad IFA Milind Shah to launch a common platform for IFAs
One nation one brand for mutual fund distributors: Chalo Niveshak
by Nishant Patnaik Jan 14, 2019
Stock brokers turned advisors: Kolkata duo build AUM of Rs.90 crore in just a year
The changes in MF industry did not deter Vikash and Sundeep as they strongly believe that ‘Advice ki bahut badi value hai’ (financial advice is valuable.)
by Shreeta Rege Jan 2, 2019
Hari Kamat on helping his clients become crorepatis!
Goa IFA Hari Kamat shares with us how he makes it a point to thoroughly understand his clients before recommending products.
by Shreeta Rege Dec 23, 2018
How this Bengal IFA acquired 2500 clients through IAPs
Today, he boasts of a SIP book of Rs. 55 lakh.
by Shreeta Rege Dec 17, 2018
Meet the Kolkata duo who built AUM Rs.88 crore in just one year
Started in July 2017, Atri Ganguly and Tejpal Singh Bagga now manage over 1000 clients, mostly retail.
by Nishant Patnaik Nov 25, 2018
Meet IFAs who have successfully conducted SIP drive
Success stories of IFAs who have run SIP campaigns amidst difficult markets.
by Shreeta Rege Nov 22, 2018
Kolkata IFA Hitesh Jain activates 234 SIPs in a single day
His firm Finomatic executed these SIPs through the NSE NMF II platform.
by Shreeta Rege Nov 19, 2018
How this IFA grew his SIP book from Rs. 2.50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore a month in five years
Bengaluru IFA Deepesh Mehta shares his 100-month holding mantra with us.
by Shreeta Rege Nov 15, 2018