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Tarraki Corner

How Kolkata CFP Asoke Roy activated 327 SIPs totaling Rs. 10.08 lakh in a single day
Inspired by many IFAs running SIP marathons, Asoke decided to be the first IFA from West Bengal to hold a SIP marathon.
by Shreeta Rege Nov 8, 2018
This Dhanteras its not gold but SIP that is in demand
IFAs run successful SIP drive on Dhanteras.
by Shreeta Rege Nov 5, 2018
Bengaluru IFA Sudhendra Rao on another SIP streak, creates 425 SIPs in a day
Six months after his first SIP drive, Sudhendra and his team achieved another feat of 425 SIPs totalling Rs. 11 lakh in a single day and 703 SIPs in a week amounting Rs.19 lakh.
by Shreeta Rege Oct 20, 2018
Indore based brokerage firm enrols 11,111 SIPs in a single day
Swastika Investmart has initiated these SIPs through BSE Star MF Platform.
Posted on Oct 11, 2018
Meet the two IITians who acquired 4000 clients in just 2 years
The duo focusses on retail investors of B30 location.
by Shreeta Rege Oct 3, 2018
How Indo Thai Securities registered a record 3,317 SIPs in a single day
Close to 600 investors participated in the SIP drive, bringing the average number of SIPs per individual close to 5.5.
by Shreeta Rege Sep 30, 2018
How Rajkot IFA Ravi Kalariya built a monthly SIP book of Rs.1.60 crore
Ravi uses analogies from cricket to explain the concept of goal based investing.
by Shreeta Rege Sep 3, 2018
How Arihant Capital initiated 6000 SIPs in a day
BSE StAR MF has termed this drive as ‘SIP Storm’ in Indian mutual funds industry.
by Nishant Patnaik Aug 22, 2018
How Rajkot IFA Sandeep Gandhi convinces small business owners to invest in MFs
Rajkot IFA Sandeep Gandhi of Megafina has built a successful business around small business owners. Talking to Cafemutual, Gandhi shares his experience dealing with this segment who prefer investing in their own business.
by Shreeta Rege Aug 1, 2018
Meet the advisor who has raised Rs.3 crore through angel funding
Anurag Garg, founder and CEO of Nivesh.com and Providential Advisory Services talks about developing a simple platform for investors and advisors.
by Shreeta Rege Jul 30, 2018
‘Investment Art or Science is a book that resolves multiple financial queries’
Pune based advisor Sunil Kapadia gives a glimpse of fundamentals of financial markets through his newly launched book.
by Riya Lakhmani Jul 27, 2018
5000 clients but still hungry for more!
Meet the second generation IFA Azeem Jagani who is taking his family business forward.
by Nishant Patnaik & Shreeta Rege Jul 15, 2018
How this Class 1 officer turned IFA initiated 741 SIPs in a day with his wife
Surprisingly, the duo executed most of these SIPs in the offline mode.
by Shreeta Rege Jul 5, 2018
Meet Milind and Sangeeta, the power couple who built Rs.200 crore AUM
How Milind who was a civil engineer and Sangeeta who was running a stock broking business came together to create a successful advisory practice.
by Nishant Patnaik & Riya Lakhmani Jun 26, 2018
Meet Ankit and Gopinath who initiated 651 and 322 SIPs in a single day
While Ahmedabad-based Ankit Chopra & family initiated 651 SIPs in a day through BSE Star MF, Bengaluru’s C.J. Gopinath along with his partner Jayesh Doshi activated 322 SIPs over two days using NSE NMF II.
by Nishant Patnaik & Riya Lakhmani Jun 14, 2018