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Tarraki Corner

Brittney raps to get clients, spills her social media secrets
Brittney Crasto has acquired 50 financial planning clients through social media. The founder of Financially Wise Women, an advisory firm based in Los Angeles, Brittney shares some invaluable tips on how advisors can stand out from the crowd on social media.
by Ravi Samalad Oct 26, 2015
Be a planner, not a salesperson – Winner PlanPlus Global Awards
Jason M. Pereira of Woodgate Financial & IPC Investment Corporation shares the recipe of his success, how to ask for referrals and more. He is the first place winner of the 2015 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards for the Americas region.
by Ravi Samalad Oct 16, 2015
‘Educating clients and being on the top of their mind is essential’
Niyati Bhat, winner of the Cafemutual My Smart Business Idea contest shares her secrets of success.
by Team Cafemutual Sep 8, 2015
‘My clients are my brand ambassadors’
K L Kalyanakrishnan, winner of the Cafemutual My Smart Business Idea contest shares his secrets of success.
by Team Cafemutual Sep 7, 2015
Using investor education effectively to grow business is his success mantra
Ramesh Hegde, winner of the Cafemutual My Smart Business Idea contest shares his secrets of success.
by Team Cafemutual Aug 28, 2015
Rags to riches; from waiter to a successful IFA
Sachin Karate left his home in Akola at the age of 16. He served as a waiter in restaurants, earning a monthly salary of Rs. 1,700. Today, he owns three businesses and aspires to achieve Rs. 100 crore AUA in mutual funds. Read his rags to riches story.
by Banali Banerjee Aug 21, 2015
His first office was a tabela, today he has 125 cr AUM
From starting with a tabela (stable) to renting an upscale office with a team of 13 in Borivali, Paresh has come a long way with sheer determination and perseverance. His clients include chaiwalas, shoe shine boys on platforms, panwalas, auto rickshaw drivers, watchmen, hawaldars and waiters. Read his inspiring journey.
by Banali Banerjee Jul 21, 2015
Providing financial planning services free of cost is his USP
R. R. Kannan has written over 300 plans for his clients for which he has not charged a single penny yet.
by Ravi Samalad & Banali Banerjee Jun 26, 2015
‘My clients consider me as their family member’
Ranjit Dani, Founder and Director of Think Consultants talks to Cafemutual about his journey in the financial advisory and his success mantra.
by Banali Banerjee May 30, 2015
‘My client bought a flat out of appreciation in just a single share’
Bhushan Mahajan, owner of Arthbodh Shares and Investments and Founding Member of Pune Independent Financial Advisors Association talks to Cafemutual about his journey from a sub broker to a financial advisor.
by Banali Banerjee May 28, 2015
‘The biggest hindrance to a client’s financial success can be the client himself!’
Ashish Modani, Winner of UTI CNBC Financial Advisors Awards 2014 (Tier 2 North) talks to Cafemutual about what inspired him to get into financial advisory and reveals his success mantra.
by Banali Banerjee May 8, 2015
1000 sign up for a fee based service through the net
Alumni of IIM Lucknow and Delhi School of Economics join hands to start an advisory firm called Finqa.
by Nishant Patnaik May 6, 2015
‘Acquiring new clients involves 20 times more effort than retaining existing clients’
by Banali Banerjee Apr 28, 2015
‘My maid servant and her rickshaw driver husband built their house, thanks to MF SIPs’
by Banali Banerjee Apr 19, 2015
Pallav manages Rs. 197 crore in MFs in Guwahati, operates radio taxi and a bakery chain!
by Banali Banerjee Apr 14, 2015