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What businesses does Cafemutual run?



Our web site is meant for advisors and distributors of mutual funds, insurance and other financial products. The web site seeks to empower them with relevant news, knowledge and ideas so that they are able to grow and adopt higher professional standards.


Research & Consulting

With an in-depth understanding of the mutual fund and distribution space, we offer bespoke solutions to our clients in the areas of sales, business development and marketing. Among our 20 clients are 7 of the top 10 AMCs.



Cafemutual conducts three widely acclaimed events each year.

Cafemutual Confluence is a thought leadership event that looks at the strategic issues facing the mutual fund and advisory business.

Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) event seeks to empower IFAs by giving them actionable ideas and tips to grow their business.

Cafemutual Conference Wealth Management (CCWM) is meant for banks, NDs and wealth managers which aims to help them grow their business and advance their careers


Learning and Development

Investor Education: We work with several fund houses to support them in their mission to help Indian investors make better and more informed choices.

IFA Training: We offer meaningful high impact training programs that deliver new ideas to help distributors grow their business.


Our Team
Anita Sutrave
Dy. Chief Executive Officer
Dipti Parab
Senior Accounts Manager
Meera Huckoo
Nishant Patnaik
Associate Editor
Prem Khatri
Founder & CEO
Shreeta Rege
Senior Research Analyst
Sonam Dhadda
Senior Graphic & Web Designer