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HDFC, ICICI Prudential and Reliance are the top three fund houses in equity AUM
Top 10 MFs manage nearly 80% of the industry’s total equity funds
Posted on 14 hours ago
Impact of upfront commission ban: Industry sees 13% decline in new individual ARN registration
The MF industry added 17,625 new IFAs in FY 2018-19 as against 20,339 in FY 2017-18, a decline of 13%.
by Nishant Patnaik 14 hours ago
MFD Universe raises concern over ‘misleading’ ads of direct plan sellers
The Telegram group has sent an email to SEBI and AMFI raising concern over such advertisements.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 19, 2019
Why advisors should consider recommending NCDs to clients
A brief comparison between FMPs and NCDs.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 19, 2019
Sunday is the last day to send feedback on SEBI SRO consultation paper
SEBI seeks your thoughts on whether the industry needs single SRO to regulate MF distributors and RIAs, among other things.
by Nishant Patnaik Apr 18, 2019
SIP contribution on a rise, grew 38% in just a year
But there’s a slowdown in the growth of SIP accounts and discontinuations have increased.
by Shreeta Rege Apr 18, 2019
‘Investors, trust your financial advisors’
In this edition of Coffee with Cafemutual, we meet Vinay Paharia, CIO, Union MF.
by Shreeta Rege Apr 17, 2019
‘Distributors will have to transfer their entire assets, partial transfer of AUM is no longer allowed’
Also, investors can change distributors any time without obtaining NOC.
by Nishant Patnaik Apr 16, 2019
Effective yield of upto 10.51% on JM Financial Products Limited NCD Issue
The issue opens on April 22, 2019 and is scheduled to close on May 21, 2019.
by JM Financial Feature Apr 16, 2019
Tripura, Himachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh love equity funds
In absolute terms, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh registered highest rise in equity AUM last fiscal.
by Sridhar Kumar Sahu Apr 16, 2019
ITI MF to debut with liquid fund and multi-cap fund NFOs
The multi-cap fund will have large cap bias.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 16, 2019
AMCs cannot spend IAP corpus on distributors’ clients: SEBI
The market regulator has asked AMCs not to run IAP campaigns on distributor platforms, magazines, and so on.
by Nishant Patnaik Apr 15, 2019
Update clients’ mobile number and email id before June 1: AMFI
AMFI has asked AMCs, R&T agents and MF distributors to update the email id and mobile number of their clients and comply with the code of conduct.
by Nishant Patnaik Apr 14, 2019
We will recommend only short-term funds: MF distributors
In an opinion poll run by Cafemutual, over 59% IFAs responded that they will recommend only short-term funds due to the recent credit events in debt markets.
by Team Cafemutual Apr 12, 2019
HDFC MF and Reliance MF FMPs too have exposure to Zee backed securities
HDFC MF has recently announced rollover of its scheme HDFC FMP 1168D February 2016 (1).
by Shreeta Rege Apr 12, 2019