Business Development How I use WhatsApp as a marketing tool

How I use WhatsApp as a marketing tool

Let us learn from advisers who are promoting their business through WhatsApp.
Priyaa Venkataraman Mar 23, 2017

Marketing via WhatsApp can be an effective way to connect with your prospective clients and promote your business.

WhatsApp has some unique features, which makes it an ideal for marketing tool for advisory business.

  1. You can grab instant attention
  2. You can share long text messages, images and videos on a real time basis at a low cost
  3. It helps you to reach out to clients and prospects globally and engage with them informally

We spoke to some advisors who use WhatsApp to understand how they leverage WhatsApp to grow their business.

Ritesh Sheth, Tejas Consultancy:

I have created six groups based on client segmentation to expand my reach. For instance, I created groups like ‘Create wealth my way’ for those who are informed investors and ‘mutual funds’ for the people who want to explore mutual funds.

I customize content based on the maturity and taste of the group members.

In addition, I write articles on personal finance and post it on groups every fortnight. In fact, last month, I have written two short articles on SIP and insurance to keep the buzz going.

These activities has actually helped me acquire a few clients.

Melvin Joseph, Finvin Financial Planners:

In order to promote benefits of fee based financial planning services, I created a short video and shared it with my existing clients. I requested them to share this video among their friends and family members. This activity has helped me get referrals.

In addition, I have created a group called ‘invest in mutual funds’ to keep engagement going.  In this group, I post creatives and articles on personal finance. Recently, I wrote an article on power of equity funds, which I have shared with clients and prospects to make them aware of the benefits of long-term investments in equity funds.

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