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If not an advisor

Childhood ambitions often are very different from our career choices. Read on to see what these advisors wanted to be as kids.
Daya Ragunathan Jul 19, 2017

Vinod Jain, Jain Financials – Car mechanic

Growing up, I was never worried about what I would do in the future or who I would be. I think I have been very fortunate never to have that question asked to me. However, one stream of work that really captured my interest in my 20s was that of a car mechanic.

I was fond of Formula 1 racing. Though I never dreamt about owning a luxury car, the work of a car mechanic appealed to me immensely. In fact, if CA had not found me, I would have been a mechanic today.

I am fundamentally a person who does not think too much about tomorrow. I believe in giving the best to the job at hand. No matter what the line of work, I am sure I would have been just as happy doing an honest day’s work.

Sreekanth Meenakshi, Funds India – Actor

During my childhood, I dreamt of becoming an actor. I was very interested in the performing arts and enjoyed acting in plays. I have acted in a few plays and this kept the acting bug alive in me. I have also acted in a Tamil movie in a cameo role after becoming an advisor.

My mother always supported me. In fact, she encourages me to follow such interests.

Dhruv Mehta, Chairperson, Foundation of Independent Financial Advisors (FIFA) – Cricketer

I was interested in cricket from a very young age and played it all through my school days. After matriculation, I joined a cricket club to improve my cricketing skills. Post matches, our coach held a discussion on what went right and the areas where we needed to improve. I played in the first floodlight match in Mumbai. Those were some of the most memorable days of my life. Some of the disciplines that the coach inculcated in me help me in by practice even today.

My brother-in-law and I were in the same club, so whenever we meet we talk about the good old days. Though I no longer play cricket, I enjoy watching matches. My younger daughter is a cricket enthusiast like me. We enjoyed watching the world cup final together in Mumbai.

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