Wealth Beats


Has Wealth Beats inspired you with ideas to strenghten your advisory practice?
With equities continuing to do well, which category of equity funds do you think will be the biggest draw?
What in your opinion, is going to be the biggest driver of new investor addition for the MF industry?
How would you like to plan investor portfolios given that US rates are likely to rise during 2017?
Which asset class will be the winning asset class for 2017?
How will you allocate your fixed income assets for the next 3 – 4 months?
Where do you think equity markets are headed from current levels 3 months from here given Hillary Clinton’s slight lead over Trump
How important do you think the US Elections, and the Fed Decision in December will be from an Indian markets standpoint?
Do you think GST will get implemented by 1st April?
Given the new found euphoria in market, where would you allocate your equity funds?
With Monsoon catching up to guidance from weather forecasters, where do you think markets should be by EoY?
With global commodity prizes fluctuating , do you think the calm after the volatility has arrived?
2 years ago, this was the time the new Govt came in power. Are you satisfied with their efforts so far?