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Ask Us Lessons to learn from Bollywood movies

Lessons to learn from Bollywood movies

Here are some important lessons advisors can learn from Bollywood.
Daya Ragunathan Sep 13, 2017

Over the years, Bollywood has become synonymous with larger than life acting and cinematography.

Bollywood also offers important entrepreneurial lessons to advisors. Here are four lessons that you can learn from Bollywood movies.

Trailer should not be better than the movie

Expectation management is the essence of any Bollywood marketing strategy. The trailer, teaser and first look, all aim to attract the eyeballs of audience. However, what happens if the trailer is more interesting than the actual movie? What happens if the makers oversell?

We have all seen those trailers that pique our interest and build our expectations. At times, when we finally watch such movies, we feel let down. The film fails miserably in the box office.

Similarly, advisors must avoid overselling their services. It is better to set the expectation right from the beginning.

Action, music and dialogue

All aspects of a movie must be in perfect synchrony for it to be a hit. Similarly, advisors must concentrate on all aspects of their business - be it meeting with clients or back office chores to establish a successful practice. You should give equal importance to marketing, research, client management, client communication and advice.


Don’t be  dialogue intensive

Dialogues are important to a movie. However, if the movie is too dialogue intensive, it does not work at the box office. Audience wants a mix of action, comedy, romance and occasionally an intensive dialogue that they can take home. Similarly, advisors should not be all talk. In fact, it is better to first listen then observe and finally advice.



Every movie needs a song

Bollywood’s biggest teaching is probably the need for a song in every movie. No matter which genre the movie is, the songs by dramatizing the situation provide entertainment. Today, B-town biggies even opt for separate audio releases, acknowledging the importance of songs in the success of the movie.

Similarly, advisors should connect with their clients in a ‘lighter’ way. Tell stories (case studies) to establish the relevance of your offerings to your clients rather than dry product details. Focus on client needs and connect with their emotional side through well-crafted stories rather than technical jargon!

Do you agree with our learnings? What has Bollywood taught you? Let us know in the comments below.

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