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Ask Us No commission, if you have not renewed your ARN within six months after expiry date

No commission, if you have not renewed your ARN within six months after expiry date

Ask Cafemutual: Here is how to renew your ARN if it has expired
Mar 23, 2018

My ARN expired in June 2017. How do I renew it? Please advise.

Many thanks,

Raju Singh Daiya

Dear Mr. Raju,

You will have to appear for the NISM MF Distributors’ Certification Examination Series-V A. Once you register for the exam online, NISM will send you a soft copy of the course material. If you want a hard copy, then there is a nominal fee. NISM will courier the book to your address.

You can choose the nearest NSE test centre to appear for the exams. The system will generate test results immediately after the exam. The exam will cost you Rs.1,500.

Once you pass this exam, you can renew your ARN either online or by physically submitting your documents at CAMS point of service. While you will get your renewal instantly online, you will have to wait for a month for physical ARN renewal.

Keep your Aadhaar card handy before renewing your ARN online. Here are the steps for online renewal.

  • Log in to AMFI website and click on the distributor corner
  • Enter your user-id and password
  • On successful validation of your login credentials, CAMS will fetch information from NISM on NISM certification/CPE completion
  • Once it is found that you have cleared the exam, you will be able to make the online payment
  • Amount due to be paid will be updated automatically
  • On successful completion of payment, the system will process your request immediately and renew your ARN/EUIN within a few minutes.

Please remember that AMCs will not pay you commission on business procured during non-validity of your ARN (six months after expiry of ARN).

AMFI norms clarify that if you renew your ARN within six months after the date of expiry, AMCs will release the suspended upfront/trail commission. However, if you renew your ARN later than six months after the date of expiry, AMCs will forfeit or write off your upfront or trail commission. Once you renew your ARN, you will continue to get trail on your previous assets.

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Poornima · 1 year ago
Firstly what is the amount that has been collected till date by amfi in the name of arn issuance arn renewal,euin allowing etc ,
Secondly what s the idea of having arn renewal window of three years. Why not more .this is just exploitative..
U k sinha · 1 year ago
Amfi wives mf Ifa is a thief. For insurance where earning r 60-70% even in 30yrs their r no renewals. Every 3yr u k Sinha keeps Gettg money by way of renewal fees n from the top such deadlines of 6mnths .jai Ho mf industry.
praveen kumar dhole · 1 year ago
please can anyone explain my arn due date is oct 2018 from now its 6 months can i need to write amfi exam again or without exam my arn will be renewed
VIJAY · 1 year ago

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