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Ask Us Must-have digital tools for IFAs

Must-have digital tools for IFAs

These 14 digital tools will help you manage your business seamlessly.
Anoop Nasa May 21, 2018

To IFAs still using Gmail in their profession, I would recommend start using your company name, like info@xyz.com. It’s very easy to create one. All you need is a domain name that costs a few rupees only and you can start using your company email right in your Gmail Interface by using G-Suite.

No doubt that Gmail is a powerful email platform, that is why I would like to start first with useful tools right in your Gmail. 

Gmail tools

  1. Sanebox.com: It will automatically filter unimportant emails out of your inbox, so that you can focus on what matters. It will move the less important email into @SaneLater folder that you can check later when you have spare time for the junk mails.
  2. Hubspot Sales Free: Track emails through Gmail and get notified the instant a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or opens an attachment for a timely, relevant follow-up. Turn repetitive emails into templates; queue up a sequence of personalised follow-up emails and reminders that get delivered automatically. Eliminate manual entry as every lead’s contact info, email opens, and clicks get logged automatically. Works perfectly with Gmail and Outlook.  
  3. G-mail Shortcuts: Here we have the list of Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail to make your work a bit faster. Before you proceed, enable shortcut features in Gmail; to do this go to Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts and select Keyboard shortcuts on.
  • Shift + C = Compose new message in a new window
  • K and J = Scroll up (K) and scroll down (J) between messages in Inbox, press enter to open it.
  • X = Mark a Messages in Inbox
  • R = Reply (While viewing an Email, press R to Reply)
  • F = Forward (while viewing an Email, press F to Forward)
  • Ctrl + S = Save Draft;  Shift + # = Move a message to Trash
  • L = Label (press L while viewing a mail and select your Label)
  • Shift + U = Mark message as Unread
  • Shift + I = Mark message as Read
  1. Dropbox for Gmail: If you are worried about the shortage of space in Google Drive, try Dropbox for Gmail extension. By adding a Dropbox button to Gmail Compose, the extension makes it easy to email large files and save space in your growing inbox. Further, Connect IFTTT, an Automation tool, connects both Gmail and Dropbox so that every attachment coming to your inbox is automatically saved in your Dropbox without your intervention.

There are several other tools in your Gmail which you can make use of in your practice like Canned Responses, Personalized Signatures etc.

Social media tools

We live in a connected world without boundaries and cannot ignore social media management tools. Here are some which you can use to increase engagement with your clients and prospects.

  1. With Adobe Spark, it is easy to create videos and graphics that are visually appealing and socially engaging. If you want to create ads that enjoy a high CTR (click through rate) then Adobe Spark will be your best friend. Create stunning images with this tool and make your posts go viral. 
  2. Crowdfire is a unique tool that can help you increase your Twitter followers. It has features such as Keyword Follow and Copy Followers to assist in growing your followers using specific keywords. It also has many other features that can help you effectively manage your Twitter account, like unfollowing non-followers, identifying specific influences, and automated direct messaging to engage with new users
  3. Reddit is a great platform for promotion. If done carefully, Reddit can make your content go viral in a short span of time. If you are an expert Redditor who is looking to make content go viral, Milkeddit will be of immense value. 

With simple swipe actions you can:

  • Seamlessly flow through all of your subreddit
  • Subscribe to a subreddit
  • Bookmark your favourite content

8. Pictochart: One of the simplest tools for creating infographics. Just choose the template you like and add your content. No special designer skills needed. Infographic maker tools Easel.ly and Canva have similar functionality.

 9. Feedly: With it you can stay abreast of what is happening on your social media networks. It keeps you informed of every tweet from your competitors, thereby helping you to stay up- to- date with information that is necessary for your growth. Once you are registered, you have access to keyword alerts and updates regarding any change with the blogs, publications and YouTube channels you are following.

Productivity enhancing tools

While it is important to use digital tools to enhance our brand image, you must be aware that it should not be at the cost of your valuable time. To protect you from wasting time, you can use the following tools:

 10. Rescuetime: It will show you which applications and websites you spent the most time on. It works for PC, Mac, Android.

 11. Goodtime Productivity Timer: This smartphone app will help you get rid of your habit of procrastination and get your work done. It works on Pomodoro Technique whose main idea is to split your work into 25-minute sessions.

 12. Social Fixer for Facebook: Filter your newsfeed by content, author, link and other parameters or hide sponsored matter you do not want to see.

 13. Roundteam: If you want to do automatic retweeting, this is the tool you must use. Just choose twitter users who post good quality content that you want to share automatically and this tool will do the work for you.

 14. Teamviewer/Anydesk: Great tools if you need to work closely with remote team members. It works on multiple platforms – PC to PC, Mobile to PC and vice versa.

I would like to remind you here that however powerful, these tools are no substitute for engaging with your clients face to face. As I heard during a presentation: “Be more human to tackle digital and direct.”

Anoop Nasa is the founder & CEO, myfinkart financial services. The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cafemutual.

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Nikhil · 10 months ago
THANKS so much..i think a session will help on this..we are not so literate on using these great tools

Do u hold sessions or discussions on paid basis
Anoop · 10 months ago
Yes, I m giving one such session in Delhi in June.
Vishal Agarwal · 7 months ago
Are you planning session at Mumbai also?
Anandaraman · 10 months ago
Excellent article Anoop hi. Thanks for enlightening and equipping us in the modern digital world.
Anoop · 10 months ago
My Pleasure Sir.
Rahul · 10 months ago
Excellent sir
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