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Business Development Tips to optimize your Facebook page

Tips to optimize your Facebook page

Wondering how to use your Facebook page to attract clients? These tips will help you make your Facebook page appealing.
Daya Ragunathan Sep 12, 2017

Ideally, advisors should create a separate Facebook page for their advisory business to increase their digital presence. This will help you segregate your personal space from your profession. Facebook pages have five essential elements - featured photos, the links panel on the left, posts, featured likes and the wall layout.

Advisors must create their Facebook page that is high on visual impact and content to increase their social media visibility.

A study conducted by Microsoft in 2015 that surveyed 2,000 people and monitored the brain activity of 112 people using electroencephalograms (EEGs) has found that average human attention on Facebook lasts for a few seconds. Hence, it is important for you to ensure that your Facebook page is visually appealing, informative and entertaining to catch the eyeballs. Here are five tips that will help you optimize your page.

Use featured photos to create a brand image

This feature lets an advisor choose which photos he wants to feature on the top of the page. While the photos keep changing with every page view, an advisor can choose those photos that best boost his brand image.

Add relevant tabs to the links panel

Apart from the Home and About tabs, you can customize all the apps on the links panel. Advisors must use this feature to make their page more engaging. You can add tabs that help your prospective clients interact with your existing clients or an events link that updates your clients on upcoming IAPs.

Understand which posts bring more interaction

Advisors can gauge which posts are more popular by using Facebook analytics. Facebook gives you the number of impressions you received from a post. You can assess which posts are getting popular among your target audience and make your content strategy accordingly.

In addition, you can ask questions such as ‘how are you planning to repay home loan before its tenure?’ to increase engagement. Such posts encourages people to post comments.

Share the link of liked pages on your Facebook wall

This feature enables you to share the link for other interesting pages. Use this section to help your clients find informative articles on personal finance, interesting video links and so on.

Wall layout can be different

Facebook lets you play around with the layout of your page. You could add reviews section or poll section to ensure more activity on the page.

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