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Business Development 7 things that piss off your client

7 things that piss off your client

Read on to know what behaviour patterns annoy your clients and how to remove them.
Kanika Bhargav May 22, 2018

Most advisors spare little thought as to how their behaviour comes across to clients. They may be totally unaware even if their actions irritate their clients. This lack of awareness can take a toll on the advisory business. After all who wants to do business with a person who annoys them?

To stop this, you need to first identify the problem.  Read to know if you are annoying your client with the following behaviour patterns.

Having a long process

Many advisors have a long process for dealing with inquiry from clients. They often ask a number of questions to determine his or her personality type. Providing information about your firm and askiing clients for too much information at one go can create unnecessary barriers.

Also, asking for personal information before you meet is offensive and wrong. Do not do it.

Making it about yourself

Most prospects care only about how you can solve their problem. You have to ask them questions and not blow your own trumpet. If they did not think you were qualified, they probably wouldn’t have scheduled a meeting.

Slow response in communication

Not responding to clients in a timely manner is certain to cause confusion. Some clients expect a response by the end of the business day, while others are content with receiving a response within a 24- or 48-hour window. Delayed responses will surely annoy your clients and likely make them question what they are paying you for.

Bouncing clients from one person to another

Sending your clients from one point of contact to the next is a sure way to irritate them. Provide a smooth transition. During your onboarding process, arrange an introductory meeting with the entire team to ensure the transition process goes as smoothly as possible.

Acting Mr Know-it-all

Nobody can know the answer to absolutely everything or know exactly how things are going to turn out and acting like you know everything when you do not can annoy and frustrate your clients. Do not try too hard to impress them. 

There is a big difference between demonstrating your abilities and acting Mr Know-it-all. For example, interrupting them at every opportunity to prove that you know everything is not going to impress your client.

Setting an agenda

Do not assume that your agenda will fit perfectly with what is on the prospect’s mind. Do not impose your agenda on prospects during the first meeting. Wait for the prospect to ask you questions. Only then will you know what is on their mind.

Avoiding difficult conversations       

If you avoid dealing with difficult questions, clients will see this as a weakness on your part. Dealing with a problem by asking the right questions, opening a line of communication with the client, and working to resolve the issue will build your credibility.

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