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Events 25 IFAs win free passes to Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) event 2018!

25 IFAs win free passes to Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) event 2018!

Congratulations to the winners who get free delegate passes for the forthcoming Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) 2018 event.
Team Cafemutual Feb 2, 2018

We are happy to announce the winners of the Sundaram Mutual Fund - Cafemutual ‘Let’s talk business’ quiz contest. We received 150+ entries out of which 25 participants answered all five questions correctly.

We thank you all for your enthusiastic response and congratulations to all the winners. The winners may note that we will be emailing the delegate passes at the earliest. If you do not receive the delegate pass by February 5, please do get in touch with Dipti on dipti@cafemutual.com

Here are the correct answers:

1. Sundaram MF has recently launched a simple combo product called SIRFF by which you can provide asset allocation to investors. Which equity funds of Sundaram MF come under SIRFF?

  1. Small & Mid Cap, IT, Real Estate, Financial and Focus
  2. Smile, Infrastructure, Rural, Financial and Focus
  3. Sector, Infrastructure, Real Estate, FMCG and Financial

2. ‘The Little book of Common Sense Investing’ is written by

  1. John C Bogle
  2. Burton Malkiel
  3. Peter Lynch

3. What is the theme for Cafemutual IFA (CIFA) 2018?

  1. Let’s talk business
  2. Plan big, think bold
  3. Let’s talk growth

4. Sundaram Select Focus is a

  1. Large cap fund
  2. Mid cap fund
  3. Small cap fund

5. The author of ‘Value Investing’ is

  1. Bruce Greenwald
  2. Roger Lowenstein
  3. Charlie Munger

And the winners are :

Akash Shah

KrishnaKumar N.S 


B Geetha

Manish Raj

Saminathan Venkatraman

Dulip T Mehta

Naitik Shah

Shyam Jhalani

Dutt Diwakar Sharma

Pankaj Kapadia

Sudhanshu Totla

Jagadeesh R Pai

Pati Srinivasa Rao

Tapas Kumar Chakraborty

Jay D Purohit

Piyush Shah

Viraj Padhye

Jayant H. Kapadia

Rahul Valvekar

Vishal Bhavsar

Harish M.  Chothani

Rajesh Minocha


Killol Karia

Rakesh Lahori




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L. ASHOK · 7 months ago
Congrats to all winners.
MANISH RAJ · 7 months ago
Thanks to CafeMutual & CIFA 2018 organisers to Giving me the Pass Entry for your CIFA2018.Held in Mumbai
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