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Events Are you ready for the next big leap?

Are you ready for the next big leap?

Cafemutual Confluence 2018 is all set to help you to take ‘The Next Big Leap’.
Team Cafemutual Jul 17, 2018

The most awaited event of Indian mutual fund Industry is back with Cafemutual all set to conduct the seventh edition of its flagship event – Cafemutual Confluence 2018 on October 12 at Trident, Nariman Point. The theme for this year is The Next Big Leap.

Seven years ago, we started our journey talking about ‘Growth’. The following year we shared our insights on ‘How can you grow your MF pie’. In the subsequent years, we joined in our mission to ‘Push the Boundaries’ and be ‘Future Ready’. Together we dreamt of Today’s Vision: Tomorrow’s Reality and thought of ‘Planning Big, Thinking Bold’.

And, this year, we want to take the ‘Next Big Leap’ with you. 

Industry experts will share valuable insights on a variety of topics like ‘Artificial intelligence and other disruptors of tomorrow’, ‘Key trends in distribution’, ‘Market expansion through new product’s channels and initiatives’, ‘The next breakthrough in Investor Awareness’ and ‘The shift to alternatives’.

Setting the context for the event, Prem Khatri, Cafemutual CEO said that the industry has had a dream run over the last few years but the industry had a long way to go as mutual fund ownership was very low. He said, “In spite of the spectacular growth, mutual funds ownership is still in lower single digits among Indian households which clearly suggests that the industry can grow multi-fold from here. However, what is required for the ‘The Next Big Leap’? Will steady incremental changes do or do we need some big breakthrough ideas in product innovation, new channels & disruptive initiatives? Find out in the seventh edition of the Indian mutual fund industry’s best event where some of the finest minds will share their wisdom and perspective,” he adds.

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ashok ranjan vishwa · 2 months ago
will love to attend cafe mutual confluence 2018, i have attended cmc 2017,keep informed
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