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Guest Column Grow your financial firm faster

Grow your financial firm faster

The marketing system you need depends upon the vision you have for your company.
Maria Marsala Sep 23, 2018

There are several advantages associated with guiding business owners and executives to grow businesses for twenty years. One is the ability to identify common obstacles as (or before) they surface and advise action that transforms circumstances into success stories. For the past twenty years, I’ve helped established businesses grow by $6 million and start-ups to quickly grow to the $100,000+ level—and everything in between.

I founded Elevating Your Business in 1998 to specialize in working with financial advisors, planners and professionals who make their living by offering their services and expertise. Within these ranks I’m drawn to the challenges of team consisting of 1-20 employees or consultant.  This is also my own business model.

The people who hire me all possess an expertise and passion which they are attempting to leverage. While it’s great to have expertise and passion, you’ll never get to use them if no one knows you exist!  Advisors struggle with that greatly affect their ability to generate consistent streams of new clients and retain the clients they have.  Overcoming these obstacles by managing your business and then marketing your firm to ideal clients helps you grow your firm faster with clients you love to serve.

Believe it or not, planning is an area where advisors miss the mark.  Most advisors do what comes at them next.  However, the most successful advisors have a business and marketing plan they use daily to set the firm’s priorities.  With a plan you strategically grow your team to best serve more and more clients. Otherwise, you will lose clients as fast as you gain them.

An often-overlooked part of managing your team is sharing your plan with your team and requiring that all individuals create a plan for their job each year. This ensures that your team’s actions are aligned with your vision as the boss.

Another common obstacle is found in how to market a firm.  The marketing system you need depends upon the vision you have for your company. Modest income translates into modest marketing, low overhead, limited expenses, and revenues under $100,000. My clients desire a greater impact on the world. Their vision includes a large audience and professionally created marketing systems that attract more of their ideal clients and increase their profit yearly. Oh, and to be known as an expert in the process, of course! There are many directions you can go with marketing—both in person and online -- an infinite number of paths to success. But many advisors make the mistake of “Spaghetti Marketing” hopping from one type of marketing to another type hoping that something they do will stick and bring them droves of clients!

My goal and passion as I look to 2019 (yes, I’m already planning next year) is to work exclusively with clients who have a burning desire to grow their business or share their expertise with larger audiences then they have now.  I call these folks "Empire Builders". These individuals understand that serious investment translates into serious action, which gets serious results.

My distinctive 1:1 program may or may not be appropriate for you. I’m only interested in working with advisors and the vendors who work with advisors who are ready to simplify business, advise more and live better.  And of course, you must be Coachable which means that you’re willing and ready to change the way you current run your business.  (You may have heard me talk about change at CIFA2018, if not, listen here)

If you’ve identified yourself as an Empire Builder, I’d love to offer you a complimentary 30-minute exploratory session.  Let’s shine a light on your obstacles and make 2019 the beginning of your success story.  And yes, I coach clients internationally, and have special times set aside for independent advisors in India!

About the Author

Maria Marsala, founder of Elevating Your Business, is a management consultant, life coach, speaker, author, and Wall Street veteran.  As a consultative-coach, she guides seasoned financial advisors to simplify business, advise more, and live better. For more such articles please visit www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com 

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