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Insurance Max Bupa Health takes robo route to market policies

Max Bupa Health takes robo route to market policies

Max Bupa Health Insurance introduces predictive artificial intelligence algorithm to personalized customer experience.
Team Cafemutual Mar 22, 2018

Max Bupa Health Insurance has introduced personalized experiences for policyholders across multiple marketing channels using an artificial intelligence based prediction algorithm ‘Ramanujan’ devised by Vizury, said a press release issued by the company.

How does it work? If a customer has historically responded to Facebook and not emails, then the algorithm assigns a higher score for Facebook and probably a zero for ‘email’, for that particular customer. This means, the brand can now target this customer only on social platforms, which he is likely to respond better, and not on traditional means like email marketing.

A typical customer today is tech savvy and engages with brands on multiple touch points. With Ramanujan, Max Bupa can now predict the channels on which its customers are most likely to respond and target them only on those channels. 

Anika Agarwal, SVP – Marketing and Head Digital Sales, Max Bupa, said, “We have seen an extremely encouraging response from potential consumers, with 85% lift in click through rates, and 23% lift in conversions further down the funnel."

The facility is currently live on three channels at Max Bupa – Website, Display and Push notifications, with plans to add Email and SMS into the mix, to drive results further.

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