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News From Press Trick yourself to save and invest

Trick yourself to save and invest

Source: Mint Apr 16, 2018

My friend has a 4-year-old son. Like most kids, her son doesn’t like to eat vegetables. And what does he love to eat? Potato chips! Usually the lunch hour for him begins and ends in tears. The mother is usually very adamant and persistent in feeding him vegetables as part of the meal. But there are days when the kid gets unmanageable. Those are the days when the mother tricks into feeding him.

One of her most responsive trick is letting the son eat one piece of chips between each bite of vegetables, so that the kid consumes less number of chips, as she breaks each one into multiple pieces (of course, the kid is not aware of this). In the process, the boy eats exactly what she wants him to eat, while he thinks he is eating what he actually wants to.

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