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News From Press Distributors don’t like debt funds much, says survey

Distributors don’t like debt funds much, says survey

Source: Mint Aug 16, 2018

The journey towards your financial goals typically includes equity as well as debt mutual fund (MF) schemes. However, a survey by Cafemutual, an independent forum of MF professionals, has found that a majority of independent individual distributors don’t readily recommend debt funds. In the case of 57% of such distributors, just 6-25% of sales happen in debt funds. But aren’t debt funds an integral part of your asset allocation? We’ll get to it later. 

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1 Comment
Prashant · 6 months ago
This study is absolutely flawed because only 1117 distributors surveyed which do not represent the entire community. You should actually conduct entire distributor community study because there are only a lakh of us and this is just 1% you have surveyed so this is a flawed study
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