News From Press Sebi role in promoter financing, MF jumble

Sebi role in promoter financing, MF jumble

Source: Mint Feb 11, 2019

In the iconic Bollywood movie, Sholay, a number of policemen have been featured. There is the bumbling jailor who relies on weak market intelligence and ends up burning his fingers. Then, there is the stereotypical Bollywood cop who arrives after all the action is over in the last scene.In the recent furore over fancy structures used by mutual funds for promoter financing, market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), unfortunately, displays similar weaknesses. To start with, its market intelligence comes across as extraordinarily poor, if not absent. Reports say the regulator is now concerned about undue risks taken by mutual funds, although there was no inkling of any concerns of the kind anytime in the past.

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