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News From Press Equity mutual fund inflows dip: Wait it out

Equity mutual fund inflows dip: Wait it out

Source: Mint Feb 18, 2019

The net inflows into equity mutual funds are at a 24-month low, at ₹6,158 crore in January, according to data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi).

“Owing to market volatility and near credit events, market sentiments have been affected. However, the net inflow for the month is positive," said N.S. Venkatesh, chief executive officer, Amfi.

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Vineet · 1 month ago
The net inflow in equity mutual fund every month would see negative growth and may even turn negative soon. The Distributors and IFA who made mutual fund acceptable in the country are today completely neglected by the AMFI BOARD AND AMC. The BOARD OF AMFI consists on AMC HEADS who are formulating all the policies which are favouring them. If you do not pay upfront commissions then how will an advisor justify the cost of visiting a client and pursuing business. Forget abt profit even the cost is not justified. The trail commissions are so low that the ant is spent in servicing the client. Today if the AMC wants to do the marketing on its own then the nfrastructural, employee and overhead cost would be higher than 2% which an IFA MUST GET.
You may say that Your policies are be beneficial for the investors in the long run but if you don’t get NET INFLOWS AND REGULAR investments then how will the industry survive which will In turn be hazardous for these investors in the long run. It’s high time when the AMFI BOARD THINKS ABOUT IT.
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