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News From Press What is prompting investors to discontinue SIPs?

What is prompting investors to discontinue SIPs?

Source: Moneycontrol Mar 15, 2019

Systematic investment plans, popularly known as SIPs, seem to be losing sheen.

As per data with Association of Mutual Funds in India, collections via SIPs stood at Rs 8,095 crore last month - higher than January - while industry witnessed 4.96 lakh discontinuations of accounts.

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1 Comment
Prashant · 1 week ago
You are losing investors and their interest is because they are direct and they have no clue about anything whatsoever but AMCs with the help of SEBI still want people to come direct where AMCs can earn more. To save a very very miniscule brokearage( that is what is given to distributors now which was again miniscule only previously) AMCs are doing this and showing a wrong picture to investors that they will save a lot. If you remove the most important link out of the equation ( just to make additional profit) this is what happens. Eventhough commissions have been slashed to miniscule level distributors have remained loyal( or may be they are afraid or are weak because they are divided but will never want to unite) to their investors and this industry and not done anything drastic and not recommended anything opposite. Insurance JLIPs have performed much better that these funds in any period you take but still distributors have stuck to mutual funds which is surprising.
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