Business Development Three key learnings from Ramzan for advisors

Three key learnings from Ramzan for advisors

At the end of the holy month of Ramzan, as we join our friends to celebrate Eid, here are a few takeaways.
Daya Ragunathan Jun 26, 2017

Ramazan is the Islamic month of fasting. We see Muslims, irrespective of their age, follow roza (the fasting regime), during this holy month. While we admire the faithful for their devotion and will power, here are a few learnings we, as advisors, can take away from Ramzan.


As an advisor you need to have firm faith in yourself and your abilities; do not let other people’s views define you. Do not be disheartened by small rejections. Stay focused on your overall business goal. This will help you get through with even the most stubborn of prospects. Listen to the motivational stories of others, how they gained success in the face of adversity. Be inspired by how, Muslims diligently keep the fast, even when they feel tired. They never get discouraged. They believe in their ability to stay focussed on completing the fast successfully.


Just as roza starts and ends strictly on schedule, advisors too need to ensure they have a disciplined practice. Ensuring you are on time for a meeting, calling back a client exactly in the given time, and so on, can go a long way in building a strong client relationship.


Muslims fast during the holy month, so that they understand the pain of those who go hungry every day. This empathy is crucial for a business where we deal with people from different walks of life. When a client tells you his problem, try to stand in his shoes and understand why it is so important to him. Get to understand him, his priorities, his values. Only then will you be able to give him advice that will fit him better.

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