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Ask Us Pay your pending tax to cancel GST registration

Pay your pending tax to cancel GST registration

This is what you need to do if your GST registration is not cancelled.
Nishant Patnaik May 3, 2018

I applied for GST registration cancellation four months ago. However, the department concerned is yet to cancel my GST registration number. What should I do?

Rajesh Jogdand, Mumbai

Dear Rajesh,

The GST portal may not accept your application form if you have any GST payment pending as on the date of application. Also, you may not know if the system has accepted or rejected your cancellation request. In most cases, you will have to check with the local nodal officer for the status on your GST. It is better to pay your GST amount before applying for GST cancellation.

While a few experts believe that distributors will have to pay all pending GST before the date of application, others believe that distributors will have to pay GST until March 2018 to cancel their GST registration.

Mumbai based tax consultant ZM Kapasi says that mutual fund distributors will have to pay GST up to March 2018 to cancel their GST registration number. “Many distributors have been facing this issue as the GST portal has not accepted their registration cancellation. In my view, they will have to pay GST and reapply for cancelation.”

Ravikumar Somasi, General Manager, Karvy Computershare says, “As per the extant rules, a registered dealer requesting for cancellation should submit electronically all the relevant forms, file returns, clear GST liability thereon, if any, and submit the proofs within 30 days from the date of cancellation request.”

Earlier, many distributors earning less than Rs.20 a year lakh took GST registration voluntarily to avail of the benefits of input credit. However, the GST council had deferred the implementation of reverse charge mechanism till June 30, 2018, which has benefited distributors earning less than Rs.20 lakh and who had not obtained GST registration.

You can cancel your GST registration by clicking here. Once you have logged in with your credentials, you will have to click on ‘cancellation of provisional registration’ appearing on the extreme right hand side. You will have to mention the reason by simply stating that your turnover is less than Rs.20 lakh. Now, if you have not issued any tax invoice so far, you are good to cancel your GST registration by submitting it. However, if you have issued tax invoice, you will have to wait a little, as the government is yet to issue a separate form called GST-REG-16.

Mumbai based CA, Yogendra Jain, advises distributors to submit a physical copy of the application form and acknowledgement to the nodal officer after applying for the cancellation online. “By doing this, you put the onus of cancelling GST registration on the nodal agency. As a result, they would ensure that your GST registration gets cancelled on time.”

If you have requested for GST registration and paid all pending GST, follow this process to get it done.

  • Login to ‘GST Portal’ using your log-in ID
  • Click on ‘Submit Grievance’
  • Select the category as ‘Others’ from the drop down
  • Post your grievance as ‘GSTIN cancellation pending’




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MANOJ CHHABRA · 10 months ago
sir i have less than 20 lakh brok from all matters i am regd with gst, from last 2 months i am filling my gst return as nil , having applied for cancellation but system not accepted what should i have to done
plz suggest
KARUR SRIDHAR RAM · 10 months ago
I have received reply from: CBEC board wherein they have made it very clear that eventhough if a distributor having less than 20 lakhs income and giving IGST service then we have to pay IGST @18% irrespective of turnover and hence GST registration cannot be cancelled and also everymonth our registrars : CAMS/KARVY/FT/SUNDARAM keeps raising the invoices, so there is no point of exemption or we cannot even cancell.

In case, if anyone having any different view, please share with me, so that I can correct myself in case of wrong.
MANOJ CHHABRA · 10 months ago
filled yours gst return as NIL till cancellation
ripal shroff · 10 months ago
I having registration with Motilal Oswal fro my MF Business .i am belong to less then 20lakh income so i have surrender GST No. but now they are saying that we are going to deduct GST from your commision amount even if you are not belong to more then 20 Lakh income. Kindly guide me on this matter . Thank You
Prasanjit Baruah · 10 months ago
I am less than 20lac income but l have paid gst amt but not cancelled gst no. So what l do other wise paid gst or not. Pl reply.
Shailesh · 6 months ago
I have taken GST number last year November. I didn't know anything about it. I have no invoice, no business and sadly I never filed a GST return as I was not aware of this. My plan was too start small business but I didn't started due to some issues. Now am cancelling and it's not taking they asking me to file return from last year till date with huge penalty. Any suggestions ??
Hareesh · 6 months ago
I am also facing same problem
Pradeep Morwal · 3 months ago
i don't have any business transaction, have filled for cancellation of GST, i got a notice saying Cancellation Details - Date from which registration is to be cancelled - Date from
Registration to be cancelled is Incorrect. Enter correct date

please suggest
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