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Events StreetsAhead launched to help distributors raise their game

StreetsAhead launched to help distributors raise their game

Cafemutual and Ambition Learning Solutions launch StreetsAhead to equip IFAs with knowledge and skills.
Team Cafemutual Mar 9, 2018

Cafemutual and Ambition Learning Solutions have jointly launched StreetsAhead, a learning academy for distributors and investors.

Though StreetsAhead was unveiled at CIFA 2018, the official launch was held yesterday in Mumbai. Top officials of the mutual fund industry including many CEOs and CIOs graced the occasion.

StreetsAhead is a one-stop solution for all training related to the financial advisory business. With the Indian economy on the cusp of being a financial powerhouse, offering a host of opportunities to earn and grow wealth, StreetsAhead helps distributors and investors make the right choices and decisions.

With custom designed courses for stakeholders like distributors, fund houses and investors, StreetsAhead focuses on both skill building for distributors and awareness programmes for investors.

On how StreetsAhead will benefit distributors, Prem Khatri, CEO, said, “StreetsAhead provides a platform to distributors to attain the necessary skills and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities that the future holds for the advisory profession."

Distributors can choose StreetsAhead programmes to meet certification requirements, to gain product-and-professional expertise and business development. StreetsAhead has a robust network of 252 trainers spanning 140 cities across India and are skilled in local languages.

Anita Sutrave, CBO, StreetsAhead, said, “The four pillars of StreetsAhead are experiential learning, domain expertise, passion and empathy. And we ensure all these attributes are reflected well in our interactions with all stakeholders.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Jaishank Gupta, CFO, StreetsAhead, said, “Cafemutual and Ambition Learning have identical DNAs. We are passionate about personal finance and helping investors make informed choices.”

During the launch, Gaur Gopal Das, spiritual leader and lifestyle coach, motivated guests with his insightful speech on money and life.

And Aditya Desai, comedian, made the event more lively with his witty and humorous performance.



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