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MF News Mutual funds give good returns but it is very tricky: Shreyas Talpade

Mutual funds give good returns but it is very tricky: Shreyas Talpade

Actor-turned-producer Shreyas Talpade gives us a sneak peek into his career, life as a parent and his investment preferences.
Riya Lakhmani Jul 2, 2018

He bowled us over in the fields of Iqbal and tickled our funny bone in the Golmaal Series. Shreyas, who has wowed us with his phenomenal acting skills, is now all set to narrate stories in his unique style as a producer and director.

Shreyas Talpade, in candid conversation with Cafemutual talks about his daughter Aadya, upcoming films and…

Tell us about your role in upcoming film Bhaiyyaji Superhit

It is too early to talk about Bhaiyyaji because I am not sure when it is releasing; there are still some parts left to shoot.

Preity Zinta will be making a comeback with this film. What was it like to share screen space with her? 

She is a fantastic actor. She inspired the team with her acting and added a lot of depth to the role. Though we do not have many scenes together, it was fun shooting with her.

What was the inspiration behind opening your own production house? How did you make the shift from acting to production? 

There comes a point in every actor’s life when the theory of evolution leads you. You feel there are some stories which you just have to tell. That point came in my life as well. Seeing my interest, Subhash Ghai encouraged me to produce a film. So when the script of Poster Boys came along, I immediately decided to produce the film under my banner. It happened spontaneously. Nothing is planned in my life, even this was not planned.

Tell us about the next film you are producing? 

As of now, we are in the process of finalising the script for the Marathi version of Poster Boys 2. It should go on the floors by the end of this year.

We have been seeing you portray comic roles. Is this the only genre that draws you? 

Not really. Comedy is something that comes to me naturally. People prefer seeing me in comic roles. There are certain roles I like and certain roles I am approached for.

At present, I am shooting an emotional and dramatic role for a movie opposite Bidita Bag. It is a slice-of-life film.

How has your life changed after becoming a parent?

It feels really great, but there are lot more responsibilities as well. My routine revolves around my daughter Aadya. There is a new purpose in life. It feels amazing to see that there is someone who looks up to you. Every kid sees a hero in the father. I am trying to live up to that.


You started your journey with stage shows. How did you manage your finances in the initial years, which is a period of struggle usually? 

I did not have too many responsibilities so it was quite manageable. There are not many expenses if you do not earn. Expenses start once you start earning; you have ever increasing desires and wish-list to fulfil. And with that the urge to earn more money also increases.

What did you do with your first pay cheque? 

For the longest time I kept it with me. I still have the envelope in which I received my first pay. I had taken the autograph of every person involved in the show and have kept it to this day, as a souvenir.

Your first Investment? 

My first investment was an insurance policy. When you start earning, insurance agency people are the first ones to approach you (laughs). They also tend to scare you by saying, abhi toh theek thaak kar rahe ho, kal ko kuch ho gaya toh? (You are doing fine currently but who knows what would happen tomorrow). As a result, I have invested in 2-3 life insurance policies.

Who advises you on your finances? Do you have a financial advisor? 

My CA and my wife look after my finances. I also have some friends who suggest mutual funds and other investments. We make note of all recommendations, do our research and then go for it.

What do you think of mutual funds? 

I hardly look into them or know anything about them. But I think mutual funds must be paying pretty good returns though I find them a little tricky. Every time you invest some money it shows some growth, but once you start withdrawing that money, you will observe some kind of loss. It is a very risky scenario, which I am not able to understand yet. I guess I will devote time to understand this better.

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Navin · 2 months ago
He is a versatile actor and a nice gentleman.
Nitinkumar · 2 months ago
He is investing himself so he finding it tricky and observing loss. And So not much confident with Mutual Funds.
sudhir Kumar Mishra · 2 months ago
He should have a time horizon and put money as per that period.He must take help of a MF Distributor to finalize a scheme suitable for the time.For insurance he must have taken help of an insurance advisor then why not for MF investment.
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