MF News SBI MF launches voice assistant service on Google

SBI MF launches voice assistant service on Google

The fund house will soon start using Amazon Alexa as well.
Team Cafemutual Dec 5, 2018

Just as your clients ask Siri or Google voice assistant to set an alarm for the next morning, they can now ask questions related to SBI mutual funds on Google voice assistant.

In a press release, the fund house said, “The voice assistant can be currently accessed through any smart phone having Google Assistant or where the Google Assistant app has been downloaded, or any of the Google Home devices. The bot is designed to assist investors with information across different areas which includes getting basic product related information, locate the nearest branch, check their KYC status, use SIP calculator, receive a call back from customer care and retrieve account statements using a basic, user friendly voice interface. The voice assistant in due course will be developed and trained to help investors with transactions, portfolio valuations and other value-added services.”

Ashwani Bhatia, MD & CEO, SBI Funds Management said, “We are encouraged by the rapid increase in the voice-based search by investors and growing adoption and acceptance of our YUVA web chat bot on our website The voice assistant acts as another interface for investors to interact with the fund house, get basic information on their investments and do more’’

SBI Mutual Fund has launched YUVA (Your Virtual Assistant) in December 2017. This bot has handled over 2 million queries so far. The voice assistant is another step to provide for the growing voice-based search audiences.

“The voice assistant uses the latest in AI and NLP to provide a simple conversational experience to understand user requirements and provide the optimal solution by fetching information from various sources. The bot in the future be able to assist investors with transactions as well. The voice assistant is currently available on Google Assistant platform and will soon be available on the Amazon Alexa platform as well,” said the company.

Users can activate SBI MF Voice Assistant by saying to their Google Assistant “Ok Google Talk to SBI Mutual Fund’’ and link their Google account with SBI Mutual Fund for the first time.

SBI Mutual Fund manages Rs.2.53 lakh crore of assets as on September 30, 2018.


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