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Insurance Agents to get more commission on motor insurance policies

Agents to get more commission on motor insurance policies

IRDAI has increased the commission structure on own damage motor insurance policies to 17.5% of the premium.
Rosevina Gonsalves & Nishant Patnaik Oct 30, 2017

Last month, IRDAI has allowed car dealers to distribute motor insurance policies by becoming motor insurance service providers (MISPs). The insurance regulator had allowed insurance companies to pay up to 22.5% of total premium as the commission in 2 wheelers and 19.5% of the total premium for other vehicles such as cars and SUVs to MISPs. This commission structure is applicable only on premium charged towards ‘own damage’.

In order to bring in some parity between the commission structure of motor insurance service providers (MISPs) and other intermediaries like agents and brokers, the insurance regulator has hiked the commission structure of agents on two wheeler motor insurance policies to 17.5% of the premium.

So far, general insurers were paying up to 15% as commission on such policies.

However, commission payable to four wheelers like cars and SUVS remains unchanged at 15% on comprehensive motor insurance policies. In addition, IRDAI has allowed insurance companies to pay 2.5% of annual premium on the third party portion of comprehensive policies from fourth year onwards. That means, there will no commission on the first three years on third party portion of comprehensive policies. Premium of comprehensive motor insurance policies has two components – third party and own damage.

On standalone third party policies, which are mandatory in India, the insurance regulator has kept commissions under such policies at 2.5% of annual premium.

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Keshav Achint · 10 months ago
General insurance ke agents ka commission structure od premium+tp premium ko add karke hona chahiye. Third party policies premium ke upper b fix commission honna chahiye.Mujhe samaj nahi aata ki company ke assistant ki salary b kamse kam 40000/ pm hai.unka kaam agents dwara laye Gaye cases ko feed karke policy banana hai.Har saal increments promotion medical reimbursement retirement benefits pension sab kuch or jo agents company ki backbone kehlaye jate hain unhe matr 15%-17.5%commission.Sab ki salary increase hoti hai magar hum agents ki decrease hoti hai. Kuch to socho hamare liye .Staff ko jo salary di jati hai wo agents ka hi Kiya hua bima hota hai.keshav Achint.0134@gmail.com 9855330134
SAJAL GUPTA · 8 months ago
Iss seculer ne sara business brbad kr dia ye mt bhoolo ki jo bhi compny ko benifit hote hai unme sab agents. Ka main role hai 17.50 me ku6 ni bach rha private comny ko kyu ghasseta ja rha hai iss seculer me
surya prasad · 7 months ago
National ins ka 1st nov2017 se badha hua Jo commission milna tha Jo abhi tak old rate se hi comm mil raha hai aisa kyun.
Manish A.Hurgat · 6 months ago
There is no staff for underwriting at ,Jalna NIC .Any time two person are there ,one Br.manager & claim officer ,no is looking to Jalna branch.Commission is not paid till15th of next month.In the office they r doing business in their relatives code.why this should be happen,if myself our some agent talk customer they direct call him and say ,sit show me what u have to do?
Manish A. Hurgat · 6 months ago
Till now they had not paid difference Commission from 1st Nov
SANKAR SAMADDAR · 1 month ago
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