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Principal Times ‘Here are the two social media activities that has helped me grow business’

‘Here are the two social media activities that has helped me grow business’

Let us see how these advisors grow their business through social media.
Apr 18, 2018

To encourage knowledge sharing and provide IFAs a platform to share their best practices through which they can grow the business, Principal Mutual fund in collaboration with Cafemutual  organized  the ninth edition of ‘Principal Business Champions- Winning solution’.

The theme under this edition was understanding how IFAs  use social media to communicate their expertise with their clients. The contest got an overwhelming response from the IFA community.

Here are the ‘success mantras’ of the financial advisors that received the highest votes

Winner on Website- Anand Doctor

Answering questions on Quora has helped me expand my client base.

I began using Quora as a passive reader. Soon I realized that there were a lot of questions that were related to personal finance. Unfortunately, most answers were misinformed, irrelevant or downright fraudulent. There was shortage of well-written answers by competent and ethical professionals that would actually help the people looking for facts, understanding or solutions.

That prompted me to start writing answers myself. What began as a financial literacy initiative  Later helped expand   my   clientele   beyond   Mumbai,   where   I   live.   After   reading   my   answers,   prospects approached me from all over India and from many countries across the world. Some of my Quora based clients reside in Pune, Chennai, Northeast India, Australia, the Middle East, the US, among other places.

Winner on Facebook- Hiten Shah

Putting creatives on Whatsapp and posting mutual fund facts on Facebook and Instagram page helped me create visibility.

Now that WhatsApp has introduced a Status option where people can share creatives, videos and links, I make it a point to post at least 5-6 creatives a day. I post creatives and infographics highlighting the significance of investments in mutual funds. However, I usually post topical creatives. For instance, today I have posted about ‘Tampering of cricket ball’ and related it to personal finance: ‘Tampering with cricket ball and your investment is very damaging, consult a financial advisor.’ I got a lot of queries on WhatsApp due to these creatives.

Also, I am active on my Facebook and Instagram. I have around 5,000 likes on my page. I spend at least an hour or two on social media. I post informative content and interesting facts about mutual funds, like how investing in mutual funds is better than fixed deposits.

Winner on Twitter- Deepak Khemani

My Tweets and FB posts helped me become popular.

I am an avid user of Twitter and Facebook. In fact, I can say that my tweets and FB posts helped me gain popularity. I make it a point to spend at least an hour everyday on these two platforms.

On Facebook, I share educational videos, infographics and interesting article on personal finance. The aim is to make clients understand the significance of investment in mutual funds. I also resolve queries related to personal finance on Facebook. This has helped me position myself as a subject matter expert.

However, my Twitter handle is somewhat different from Facebook. I usually post commentary on articles and findings on mutual funds and insurance. I also like to tweet on industry conferences such as Cafemutual IFA event and Cafemutual Conference. For instance, I posted a tweet on what speakers have said.  Also, I ensure that I reply to tweets immediately on Twitter. All these activities has helped me create visibility.


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Pinal · 11 months ago
Want facebook & whatsapp branding as mutual fund distributer
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