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Principal Times How LinkedIn has helped these advisors increase visibility

How LinkedIn has helped these advisors increase visibility

These advisors share with us how having a strong presence on Linked has been beneficial for their business.
Team Cafemutual Dec 20, 2018

Principal Times is a platform for advisors to share their learnings with each other and gain ideas to grow business. It is a joint initiative of Principal Mutual Fund and Cafemutual. In this edition of the contest, advisors share with us how having a strong presence on Linked has been beneficial for their business.

Here are the winning entries.  

Winner on Website: Saurabh Bajaj, Nidhi Investments, Mumbai

LinkedIn has helped me increase visibility among professionals.

Along with professional history, users can upload honours received and completed certifications in the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn verifies these honours and certification validity with issuing authority. Highlighting such professional achievements builds trust among prospective clients. To summarise, having a well-rounded LinkedIn account gives a stronger identity, which is crucial in attracting prospective clients.

LinkedIn also allows me to connect with clients who do not use other social media platforms. Many of my clients find Facebook juvenile. However, they are active on LinkedIn, as it is a networking platform for professionals. The articles, which I post on LinkedIn, allow me to engage with clients who are not active on other social media platforms.   

Winner on Facebook: IFA, Rajesh Hattangady, THiiNK, Thane

I extensively use LinkedIn for lead generation        

I am very proactive on LinkedIn, I use its features to connect to prospective clients as well as engage with my network on the LinkedIn platform. One feature of LinkedIn that has helped me greatly in lead generation is the ‘who viewed your profile option’. Whenever, I see that a new person has visited my profile, I send a small message to the person thanking them for their interest in my profile and enquiring whether I can help them in any way. This has helped me acquire new clients.

The feature of LinkedIn, which congratulates a person on finishing say 5 years in an organisation or for any other achievement, has also helped me engage with both new and existing clients. Whenever, any such announcement pops up in my LinkedIn feed, I send a quick personalised charcoal sketch to the person congratulating him on his achievement. Sometimes, I have sent these to strangers and gained a connection in the process.

Both these activities have greatly helped in client engagement and lead generation. On an average, I get one client every fortnight through LinkedIn.

Winner on Twitter: IFA, Khyati Vasa, KV AdWealth Financial Services, Mumbai

LinkedIn has helped me connect with senior IFAs and gain insights into growing the business.

Having joined the advisory business just two years ago, I have a lot to learn. Connecting with many senior advisors on the platform, I gained invaluable insights regarding markets, advisory practices, client interactions, choosing the right investments and developing financial plans for clients. This knowledge sharing on the platform has equipped me with insights and ideas to grow my advisory business.

LinkedIn also builds a knowledge bank from the articles and questions posted on the platform. I make it a point to read and make note of the different investment related articles and discussions on the platform. This enriches my knowledge as well as equips me to answer client queries on a large bouquet of financial products.

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