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Tarraki Corner Yours Financially: A fiction on personal finance with a filmy tadka

Yours Financially: A fiction on personal finance with a filmy tadka

Mumbai-based RIA Kalpesh Ashar of Full Circle Financial Planners and Advisors uses Bollywood like storytelling to share the lessons he learnt across market cycles in his book.
Nishant Patnaik Oct 10, 2017

Who says finance is a dry subject? Many advisors have been increasingly using the art of storytelling to dejargonise financial concepts.

The most recent example is ‘Yours Financially’, a book by Mumbai-based RIA Kalpesh Ashar, who has used a cinematic treatment to describe financial concepts and make it a compelling read.

Kalpesh’s book is an ode to the two passions of his life - finance and films. The book follows the lives of two young couples  across two decades; the  challenges they face and how they approach these problems forms the backdrop of the story.

Sharing how the book came into being, Kalpesh says, “I was always creatively inclined. I met a publisher at an event once. We started talking about how it would be if there was a story that could impart finance lessons. The publisher loved the idea and insisted I send him a draft. And ‘Yours financially’ was born.”

The story spans across two decades, which starts in early 1990 and ends in 2010. While the two couples face similar situations, the difference lies in their response to these external events.

When asked why he chose this time period, Kalpesh says, “This period covers market cycles i.e. from the global market boom to the 2008 market crash; many of the sections in my story have been inspired by real life events.”

Talking about his book, Kalpesh said, “The book dwells on many pleasant and unpleasant situations many of us encounter in our life for which neither are we  prepared nor  aware of their consequences.”

He further says, “I feel that one of the biggest mistakes investors make is not including their spouse in their financial decisions. I have seen families which have suffered financial problems after the death of the investor. The book will help investors avoid some common mistakes they do.”

The underlying theme of the book is to make people realize the importance of financial planning. “First an investor must be aware of his financial condition. He should accept the state of his affairs. That is, he should admit that if ‘X’ is his income, he could only afford to do ‘Y’. Once the investor accepts the reality of his situation, he can work to improve his financial situation,” explains Kalpesh.

Kalpesh feels that the book is best suited for young professionals or newly married couples.

When asked to describe his book in one sentence, he says, “The book is the injection of personal finance in the syringe of Bollywood.”

Kalpesh Ashar is the Certified Financial Planner and the founder of Full Circle Financial Planners and Advisors.



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